Democrat Heroically Flips Senate Seat Held 10 Years By GOP After Votes Tallied


If elections between Donald Trump’s 2016 win and today are any indication of what the vote in November will look like, Trump is in grave trouble. Not only are his own poll numbers tanking, Republicans in districts where Trump won big in 2016 – districts that should not be in play just four years later – are flipping blue.

In Kentucky, Democrats have been making headway for some time. The state that Trump won in 2016 by nearly 30 points, flipped the governor’s seat in 2018, ousting Tea Party favorite and Trump supporter Matt Bevin in favor of Democratic candidate Andy Beshear. On Tuesday, in a special election to fill Republican Sen. Ernie Harris’s state senate seat, Democrat Karen Berg won over her Republican challenger by 15 points.

The Lexington-Herald Leader reports that:

‘Democrat Karen Berg, a physician and assistant professor, beat Republican Bill Ferko, the former GOP chairman in Oldham County, in a special election in the 26th Senate District to fill the remainder of the term of Republican Sen. Ernie Harris, who retired this spring after 25 years in the Senate. His term runs through the end of 2021.’

The district is one that Trump dominated in 2016, and the loss there is the first flip to a red seat in Kentucky in 10 years. Voters all over the country, and even in states that no one expected to be swing states, are turning out and making their voices heard, and those voices are calling for new leadership.

It’s no wonder that they are, too. The longtime red state ranks 45th in education and 47th in overall poverty rate. Senators like Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul should answer for those numbers, as well.

‘The district includes Oldham County and part of Jefferson County. Unofficial results showed Berg with 24,771 votes to 18,705 for Ferko. Berg won Jefferson County, 15,033 to 7,604, and Ferko took Oldham County, 11,101 to 9,738.

Dr. Berg’s win has Democrats in Kentucky heartened, as races across the state continue to turn their way at levels not seen in some time. With the general elections just four months away, Republicans should be getting very nervous by now.

‘Dr. Berg’s victory is a clear sign that Kentucky voters are tired of the divisiveness of the Republican Party of Kentucky. There has been no better time for Kentuckians to choose a doctor to send to Frankfort. Suburban, urban and rural voters are ready for leaders in Frankfort who want to help Gov. Beshear address Kentucky’s challenges.’

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