Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Expertly Trolls Trump Like A Boss


Apparently, conservative lawyer George Conway isn’t the only member of the Conway family who is no fan of Donald Trump. Kellyanne Conway, of course, is a longtime adviser to Trump, who worked on his campaign and has worked in his presidential administration for the entire time that he’s been in office. Meanwhile, it turns out that Kellyanne Conway’s daughter, Claudia, is actually “an outspoken leftist TikToker,” as New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz puts it. One of Claudia Conway’s videos on TikTok even included a call for viewers to leave one-star reviews for Trump properties.

According to Taylor Lorenz — the New York Times reporter — Claudia has “been posting vids shouting out her fam on TikTok w/ tens of thousands of views, she wants followers/views and is outspoken [about] her own beliefs,” as she summarized on Twitter.

Notably enough, this instance is not the first time that the video-sharing platform TikTok has had relevance to the Trump team. Ahead of Trump’s recent big comeback rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was his first rally following a long absence from the campaign trail due to concerns about Coronavirus transmission, many TikTok users requested tickets with zero intention of ever showing up. Although anyone could request a ticket and actual entrance to the rally was dealt with on a first-come, first-serve basis, the ticket requests could have helped boost the Trump campaign’s attendance expectations. They over-estimated turnout to the extent that they set up a whole stage for Trump to speak to an outdoor “overflow” crowd outside the arena — but no overflow crowd ever showed up.

Meanwhile, George Conway — Kellyanne’s husband — is one of the people behind The Lincoln Project, which is a very outspoken group of anti-Trump Republicans. Most recently, much of their advocacy has centered on producing a series of ads targeting the president over issues ranging from his dubious physical health to the abject failures of his response to the Coronavirus pandemic.