Lincoln Project Master-Trolls Trump Over Mt. Rushmore Trip


One Republican group is pulling out all the stops in efforts to defeat Trump in November. The Lincoln Project is a Super PAC run by Republicans and ex-Republicans who oppose the president including George Conway, John Kasich, and Steve Schmidt. Last month, the group ran an advertisement endorsing Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

On Friday, the GOP Super PAC expertly trolled Trump on Twitter in several posts. The group lamented:

The project then re-posted the video of the Trump rally while asking “Is this what it was like on the Titanic?”

The group tried to illustrate the impending sense of dooms that many Americans and people in the rest of the world feel regarding the Trump presidency.

One user tweeted:

‘No violinist!’

The Lincoln Project tweeted back:

 In one tweet the Super PAC wrote:

The anti-Trump group issued another tweet saying:

More importantly, The Lincoln Project reminded Americans of the serious consequences facing the nation in relation to COVID-19 due to the president’s negligence in handling the matter.