Mitt Romney Staffers Move To Publicly Embarrass Trump


Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is continuing to consolidate the support of Republicans who have had enough of Donald Trump. Shortly after the recent revelation of a new super PAC called 43 Alumni for Biden, which is backed by individuals who served in George W. Bush’s administration and now support Biden, a new report has revealed that an individual who served on Mitt Romney’s 2012 Republican presidential campaign is organizing fellow former Romney campaign staffers who support Biden. Micah Spangler worked on Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign in Florida, and in recent days, he told fellow former Romney staffers that he was working “to cultivate a network of Romney alums that want to help elect Joe in November,” and he’s been gaining pro-Biden allies among his former colleagues.

Speaking with the conservative publication the Washington Times, Spangler commented:

‘Dozens and dozens of Romney 2012 staffers have ‘signed up’ — and there’s plenty more outreach to do… At first, I honestly wasn’t sure what sort of responses (if any) I’d receive but over the last 72 hours, there’s been an outpouring of support across all sectors of the campaign.’

The report revealing Spangler’s efforts to bring former Romney staffers together in support of Biden does note that some former Romney staffers disagree avidly with the idea of backing the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. Brett Doster, for instance, who worked as an adviser to Romney’s 2012 campaign in Florida, said that he questioned “the patriotism and wisdom of supporting Joe Biden,” who he melodramatically claimed “would be a cultural and economic disaster for the country.” What exactly would Doster call Trump’s presidency if not an economic disaster? Unemployment stands at just over 11 percent or so. Is that not a disaster to Doster?

Romney himself has not yet revealed who exactly he will support in the November election. In the 2016 election, he apparently supported neither of the major party’s nominees — instead, he wrote in his wife, Ann. Romney was the only Republican Senator who voted to convict Trump of either of the charges against him at his impeachment trial; specifically, Romney voted to convict Trump of abuse of power. He has made opposition to Trump known on a number of other occasions.