Trump Launches Deranged 4th Of July Hate-Tweet At American Media


President Donald Trump refuses to let up with his grandiose self-delusions, even for a day. This Fourth of July, Trump spent some of his time complaining on Twitter about the media, acting like imaginary affronts against his ego are anywhere near the top of the list of issues that Americans are caring about or should be caring about. In one example from this Saturday, Trump complained about the supposed “Trump Derangement Syndrome” of The New York Times, suggesting that the publication is deranged and not credible because of their supposed hatred of the president. However, in the real world, things don’t revolve around the president.

Trump tweeted:

The @nytimes is a very corrupt and dishonest media outlet that suffers TDS at a level rarely seen. They will lose any remaining credibility on the evening of November 3rd.’

Trump’s complaints about the media are never-ending. In this particular instance, he was piling on the Times over their supposedly faulty reporting about a Russian plot to offer bounties to Afghan militants in exchange for the deaths of coalition soldiers, including Americans. The president has claimed in response to the revelation of the bounty plot that the reporting may have been made up to make him look bad. There is no evidence supporting this conspiracy theory, just like there’s no evidence supporting many of the president’s other conspiracy theories about the media.

In the past, he’s used the same conspiracy theory about a story getting hyped up to make him look bad in response to bad news. He used the conspiracy theory as an excuse for not acting against the Coronavirus when the virus first emerged, threatening the U.S. At an infamous South Carolina rally in late February, Trump claimed that concern over the virus was a “hoax.” It was not, and now around 130,000 Americans have died.

Check out Twitter’s response to some of the president’s latest nonsense below: