Trump Slurs His Words During Delusional Fourth of July Speech


During a July 3rd speech delivered in the vicinity of Mt. Rushmore, President Donald Trump zeroed in on those who’ve advocated for the removal of monuments to the racists of the Confederacy. Trump tried to depict the advocates against racist statues as somehow threatening the very foundation of American greatness — or something. He undercut his own remarks by repeatedly seeming to stumble over words in the speech, which he was reading off of a teleprompter. For instance, in his speech, the word “totalitarianism” became something along the lines of “totalitariatism” — which is, of course, not the word he was trying to use.

Check out a clip:

At other points of the speech, Trump bungled his pronunciation of other words, too. For instance, rather than using the actual name of former President Ulysses S. Grant, Trump repeatedly referred to the former commander-in-chief as “Ulyssesius S. Grant” — which is, of course, not the name that Trump was trying to use. At another point, rather than the word “founding,” Trump said something along the lines of “foinding” — which is not the word.

The reason why Trump was trying to say the word totalitarianism in the first place is definitely very troubling. Trump was trying to depict those who have sought to clamp down on public displays of racism as somehow threatening the American way of life. It’s a grandiose, melodramatic description of a culture war that only exists in Republicans’ imagination, and which exists in order to give the GOP an excuse to not admit a simple fact: they like the racist statues. Instead of admitting that they don’t have quite as much opposition to racism as they pretend to have, they make up vast conspiracies against American greatness, or whatever, which they use as an excuse for their nonsense.

About 130,000 Americans have died from the Coronavirus pandemic, and the virus is spreading at an increasingly rapid rate in some areas of the country. The pandemic is straining the U.S. medical system, which in some areas is having to cope with a huge spike in need. And the president of the United States is spending his time whining that some people want to remove racist statues honoring individuals who died, in some cases, well over 100 years ago.