Trump & Kushner’s Businesses Caught Funneling Millions Of Taxpayer Cash


When the issue of stimulus checks was first debated in Congress, one of the Republican party’s demands was that the president’s secretary of the treasury, Steve Mnuchin, should have total control over billions of dollars in a slush fund without transparency or oversight. On Monday, it became obvious why they pushed for exactly that.

One of the arguments made by Democrats against that demand was that it left too much leeway for Mnuchin to personally benefit and to benefit wealthy friends and Trump donors from the stimulus package. However, The Daily Beast reports that “it turns out that Trump’s pals weren’t the ones catching the windfall so much as Washington, D.C.’s well-off and well-connected in general.”

‘Businesses tied to the president’s son-in-law as well as members of Congress got taxpayer funds. As did the elite D.C.-area schools where both President Donald Trump and President Barack Obama enrolled their children: St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, where Barron Trump is a student, got between $2 million and $5 million; and Sidwell Friends School, where both Obama children graduated high school, got between $5 million and $10 million.’

With two trillion dollars at stake, it appears that the president’s inner circle most certainly benefitted from that package. One of Kushner’s most well-known business, Observer Media, received as much as a million dollars alone.

‘Records show $350,000 to $1 million went to Observer Holdings LLC, the parent entity of Observer Media—the publishing company formerly owned by White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner. Kushner resigned from the news organization before decamping to Washington, D.C. in 2017, but it has remained in the family.’

On Sunday, the day before the list of businesses who received stimulus money meant for small businesses was released, Trump encouraged his Twitter followers to watch Newsmax instead of Fox News. On Monday, the list showed that Newsmax also received a significant amount of money, as did Tucker Carlson’s the Daily Caller.

‘Meanwhile, the conservative online media outlet founded by Trump confidante and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the Daily Caller, received as much as $1 million. Carlson sold his stake in the company on June 10. And Newsmax, the conservative TV network and website owned by another presidential confidante, Christopher Ruddy, got a loan worth $2 million to $5 million.’

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