Chief Justice Roberts Was Hospitalized For Bad Fall At Country Club


The Supreme Court has been very much a focus of recent news cycles, with decisions on everything from the Dream Act to faithless electors shaping the political landscape for years to come. A particular focus has been placed on Chief Justice John Roberts, who is often the swing vote between more conservative and liberal judges.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Roberts had a bad fall at a country club in June, cutting his head open and requiring hospitalization and sutures. The incident was not reported at the time. No ongoing issues due to the fall have been reported at this time.

According to The Washington Post, Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathleen Arborg said in a statement to reporters that:

‘The Chief Justice was treated at a hospital on June 21 for an injury to his forehead sustained in a fall while walking for exercise near his home. The injury required sutures, and out of an abundance of caution, he stayed in the hospital overnight and was discharged the next morning. His doctors ruled out a seizure. They believe the fall was likely due to light-headedness caused by dehydration.’

Roberts has a previously disclosed history of seizures that were raised as an issue at his confirmation hearing in 2005. Lawmakers at the time felt that the condition was not severe enough to warrant scrutiny over Robert’s ability to serve on the Supreme Court.

‘Roberts suffered a seizure in July 2007 at his vacation home in Maine. He fell from a dock after experiencing what the court described as a “benign idiopathic seizure.” That means there was no easily identifiable cause for the seizure, such as a tumor.’

The statement offered by Arborg did not address why Roberts chose to keep the incident under wraps. Other Supreme Court justices have suffered health issues, some very publicly.

‘Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for instance, has been open about her many medical issues, which include several bouts with cancer. The 87-year-old was recently diagnosed with a gall bladder condition that required hospitalization. She participated in one of the court’s teleconference hearings in May from her hospital room.’

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