Trump ‘Guide To History’ Makes You Wonder How He Hasn’t Wandered Into Traffic


Donald Trump has emphasized the importance of “history and culture” before proving, over and over again, that he knows nothing about either. In a new video from Now This, Trump’s worst history lesson gaffes point out that the current U.S. president is far from the “stable genius” he claims to be.

The man with a very fancy college degree from Wharton School of Business, a prestigious college whose judgment on accepting Trump at all is now in question, has so far been unable to locate on a historical timeline where President Andrew Jackson, airports, and Civil Rights hero Frederick Douglass might be found. He’s accused Canada of having burned down the White House and Abraham Lincoln of having “phobias.” He’s even insisted that the Great Depression was only partially the U.S. government’s fault. For a man who claims to love his country, he knows absolutely nothing about it.

Of course, this is also the same man who thinks that windmills cause cancer and injecting a patient with disinfectant will kill a virus, so none of this should be surprising. What should be surprising, in fact it should be alarming, is that this man is the current leader of our country and of the free world. He cannot even explain what foreign policy is, much less what his administration’s might be.

The video is especially ironic with Trump and the GOP pointing out every word stumble from a candidate who overcome a childhood stutter, saying that those stutters have implications regarding the mental well-being of Joe Biden. People in glass houses should likely not throw stones, a quote Trump might take credit for himself, since he’s “like really smart” and “a stable genius.”

Featured image screenshot via YouTube