GOP Voters Band Together Against Trump & Release 2020 Attack Ad


In the upside-down world of a Donald Trump presidency, the best attack ads against the current Republican president, the incumbent in an upcoming presidential race just four months away, are coming from the Republican Party. Along with The Lincoln Project and, Republican Voters Against Trump is releasing a series of ads aimed at Republican voters about the criminal presidency of the Trump administration.

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Each video features a Republican voter who is speaking out against Trump. Paul from rural middle Tennessee says he is a conservative Christian with a libertarian leaning and that he was “excited” to vote for Trump in 2016. Today, he says, “the lengths of depravity [and] the lawlessness” has convinced him to leave his party and reject the president up for reelection.

‘Every day he breaks my heart as an American in a new way. And it’s to the point that he is actually scaring me, that our country will be able to continue in that the rule of law will hold.’

Susan, a former GOP state legislator from Wisconsin, says that she was once proud to be a Republican, but her party has “become more greedy, more vicious, and more ruthless” since she was in office.

‘I believe in the Republican ideals of limited government, freedom of the individual…I believe in statesmanship…I call myself a Republican in the traditional sense of the Grand Old Party. I’m so disappointed, sometimes to tears, at where our country has come.’

Tim was a “lifelong conservative” who did not vote for Trump in 2016 but did not feel comfortable voting for Hillary Clinton, either. In 2020, Tim says he will be voting Democrat regardless of who the candidate is.

“I plan on voting blue all the way down, I don’t care if I’ve never heard their names or anything. The GOP, as far as I’m concerned, has sold their souls to the devil…It’s time to wake up. This man is not in our best interests. He is in his best interest. And I pray to God almighty that he does lose.”

Featured image screenshot via Republican Voters Against Trump