Trump Caught Sneaking Onto Golf Course As Pandemic Rages


This Saturday morning, as the United States continued to reel from crises like the Coronavirus pandemic, Trump went golfing. Specifically, he went to the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, which is right in the area of Washington, D.C. According to a CNN tally reported by the network’s Manu Raju on Saturday morning, Trump has now been to one of his own golf clubs a staggering 276 times while in office. The total number of days on which he’s spent some time at a property branded with his own name total more than a year, according to that same tally: on at least 368 days of his presidency, he’s spent some time at one of his own properties, to be precise.

The golf trip follows his Friday night commutation of the sentence of Roger Stone, a longtime ally who was set to report to prison this coming Tuesday to serve an over three-year prison sentence for a criminal obstruction of justice scheme in which he tried to shield himself, the president, and the Trump campaign from scrutiny. He lied about his efforts to coordinate the Trump campaign with foreign election meddlers, among other crimes. The Trump team claimed that Stone was charged and convicted because of animosity towards Donald Trump — but there’s no evidence for this claim. Stone was guilty.

The U.S. is also continuing to reel from the Coronavirus pandemic. In some countries, it’s been brought under control, but in the United States, it definitely has not. The country’s total number of new cases reported per day has hit an increasingly staggeringly high level. Just this Friday, the U.S. reported over 70,000 new Coronavirus cases, according to one count. Currently, the overall death toll from the disease in the U.S. alone stands at over 136,000 and counting, according to that same count. The University of Washington estimates that the U.S. could hit a total of over 200,000 Coronavirus deaths by November 1. And what’s Trump doing? He’s golfing!

He has consistently refused to take the basic science of the pandemic seriously. Besides refusing to wear a mask in many circumstances, he’s also dismissed increases in cases as almost irrelevant, claiming, among other things, that “99 percent” of cases are harmless. That’s incorrect. Besides the fact that there could be lingering complications even if someone does survive, as of this weekend, the overall U.S. fatality rate is a little over 4 percent, meaning not even 99 percent of Americans with confirmed infections have survived.