Protester Confronts Trump At Golf Course With COVID-19 Failure Sign


This Sunday, President Donald Trump went golfing yet again. When he arrived at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, which is in the Washington, D.C., area, he was greeted by protesters, including one who was dressed as the Grim Reaper and held a sign reading “137 K,” in reference to the over 137,000 Americans who have died from the Coronavirus. Trump has consistently refused to take the virus seriously, although this weekend, he wore a face mask publicly for the first time. It’s a step he should have taken months ago.

Meanwhile, on Sunday morning, a report from the White House press pool revealed the following, in reference to Trump’s arrival at the golf course:

‘At the entrance were a small group of protesters, including one dressed as the grim reaper, carrying a scythe and a sign reading ‘137K.”

Grim Reaper imagery has shown up in high-profile Coronavirus-related protests before. Specifically, Florida attorney Daniel Uhlfelder has donned Grim Reaper attire and demonstrated at various areas around the state in an attempt to bring attention to the dangers of the spiraling Coronavirus outbreak. Uhlfelder has protested everywhere from the mansion of Trump ally and Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis to Trump’s golf course in Doral, Florida. Meanwhile, an image of the Virginia golf course protester dressed as the Grim Reaper has emerged. Check that out below:

Trump has spent a considerable amount of time golfing while the U.S. has struggled through the throes of the Coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday morning, he tried to actually defend his incessant golf-playing with a Twitter rant in which he claimed, falsely, that Obama played more golf. Trump also claimed that he actually gets work done while on the golf course — which few, if anyone believes and is likely true only in his imagination — and he also claimed that his trips to the golf course are short. He has visited or spent time at one of his golf courses on at least 269 days of his presidency, according to an NBC tracker. That’s over one out of every five days of his time in office.

Trump keeps trying to boost himself ahead of what might be a major loss in the upcoming general election, but he’s failing.