Teachers’ Union President Shuts Trump Down Over School Openings


Donald Trump thinks that sending children back to school will help him win in the fall. He is wrong. POTUS tried that with opening up businesses in Florida, Texas, and other states. Look how well that turned out. The hospitals in Miami-Dade Count FL and in Houston TX are filled to overflowing, and Houston has the largest hospital system in the country. Fortunately, parents are smarter than Trump and his Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

The president is trying to convince people he handled the coronavirus. In this fantasy, kids can go back to school so that parents can go back to work. Then, everything will go back to normal. Except all of that is a lie. Parents know that. Educators do, too. Teachers’ unions know, and even district superintendents are well aware of this false reality.

Of course, people want things to go back to normal. They want their kids in school, just like it used to be. The problem with that is Trump blew up normal in the US when he ignored the COVID-19 after he first learned about it and while people were sheltering in place.

He has been aggressively pushing for students to return to classrooms, according to WKZO

‘Schools must be open in the Fall.’

President of the American Federation of Teachers Union Randi Weingarten warned that if Trump tried to reopen the schools this summer or this fall, it would lead to a mass exit of educators. Former Vice President Joe Biden is supported by teachers’ unions and called  Trump’s demand “dangerous.”

Here is the thing. Schools are Petri dishes of disease. Ask any teacher how many people are sick during the first eight weeks of school. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos starting wearing glasses, so that people would think she is smart. It did not work as she repeated over and over “schools must open” on CNN’s State of the Union. DeVos also said that it was up to the school districts to come up with their own guidelines. That is insane. Doing so is way above their pay grade:

There are those who argue that kids do not catch the coronavirus. Trump said it was just like “the sniffles for kids.” That is completely wrong. One MSNBC viral expert said that the reason kids do not catch the disease as often is that they have been kept home.

Children do catch the disease. Johns Hopkins Medical Center said that scientists have begun to realize that COVID-19 is not a respiratory illness. It is a vascular illness creating blood clots in people’s lungs, hearts, brains, and other organs. That is what children have, only they call it Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome (PIMS). They suffer a terrible death with it.

A six-week-old infant just died in Corpus Cristi, TX, according to the NBC affiliate.

Remember this: Trump does not care if your children die. Look at all those thousands and thousands of children in cages along the southern border. All that POTUS cares about is winning his reelection. That is it.


Children could go back to school, but only if the education system did a total makeover.

POTUS never took responsibility for any part of the pandemic. A real president would have handled the situation for the overall virus, the economy, and especially schools.

He could have provided a federal guide for states to manage coronavirus  and for schools in this way:

    • Isolate people/children with the virus
    • Order everyone to wear masks and self-isolate
    • Put in curfews and consequences
    • Shut down all schools
    • Shut down all but essential businesses and pay employees hazardous duty pay
    • Find out who people with virus contacted
    • Trace that link and isolate all the others who were in contact
    • Accept free test kits from the World Health Organization (WHO)
    • Test, test, test.
    • Start manufacturing test kits for both those who have the virus and another test for who recovered in the US
    • Distribute federal stock of PPE (medical isolation garments, gloves, and masks) and ventilators to those states in need
    • Manufacture all of those items in the US with short deadlines
    • Bring in the National Guard to build super medical tents and help populate them with doctors and nurses
    • Ask for volunteers
    • Open up businesses slowly and under a set of national guidelines
    • The plan for schools would be virtually the same, except the children’s physical setting would have to be dramatically altered.

Physician and mother Shannon Alsop lives in a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia. She said that Trump was politicizing reopening the nation’s schools, because he thinks that would help him in the 2002 presidential election:

‘At the end of the day, all of us parents just want our families to be safe. The question is, Can we open our schools and have them be safe? I want that decision to be founded in research and science. I don’t trust the president to make that call for us.’

Trump campaign spokesperson Rick Gorka said:

‘It’s about the economy. It’s about the education of their kids. Parents are extremely frustrated. TIME TO GET BACK TO NORMAL.’

Registered nurse in Bucks County, Virginia Lee, agreed with Trump about opening the schools. In 2016, the county voted for Hillary Clinton by just 0.8 percent.

‘I don’t usually agree with anything about Trump. I do agree schools need to open back up. It’s time to get back to normal.’

Democratic strategist and parent Joe Zepecki lives in a suburb of Milwaukee, Shorewood, Wisconsin. He said the president wanted a foot up in the election, but “This ain’t it:”

‘Parents absolutely want kids back in school, but it’s not a straightforward either-or dynamic. The concerns are many and varied. The president is casting about for a resonant issue he can latch onto that is overwhelmingly popular and gets him back in the game. This ain’t it.’

This is what the nation had to say in response to Trump’s horrible idea:

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