Trump Jr. Gets Owned On ‘Fox News Sunday’ Over Dad’s Failed Presidency


During an appearance this weekend on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures with host Maria Bartiromo, the host had to point out the facts of his dad’s poll number situation to Donald Trump Jr. President Trump has been losing to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in many polls on both the national level and in individual swing states, but Trump Jr. tried to cast off the issue during his time this weekend on Fox.

After asking about poll numbers a first time and getting mostly ignored, Bartiromo asked:

‘What does the president need to get these numbers up? Are you buying these polls? It looks like one after the next, it’s a real tight race and in many cases Biden is leading the president.’

Trump Jr. replied:

‘Well, listen. When you have the media onslaught, where media has just totally abdicated their position to objectively look at both sides, they’re not looking into any of Biden’s past, they’re not looking into any of his history, they’re not looking into his family’s graft. They’re not looking into how insanely soft he’s been on China.’

What on earth is Trump Jr. talking about? In what universe does he live where Biden hasn’t received any scrutiny?

Of course, there’s likely little that anyone could do to change Trump Jr.’s mind on this point. If The New York Times came out with a one hundred-part story digging into Biden’s past specifically that started next week and continued every week until the election, it likely still wouldn’t be enough for Trump Jr. His implication that the media has treated his own dad unfairly is brazenly wrong. What are journalists supposed to do? Not report what the president of the United States says and does because it might make him look bad?

Trump Jr. added:

‘So, [the media] want to do whatever they can to keep the American people from actually seeing Biden… The media is trying to make sure that no one gets to define Joe Biden, because once he is, you’ll see how terrible this notion could be for America.’

How on earth would any reasonable person describe the current state of the country if not terrible? According to one tally, over 137,000 Americans have died from the Coronavirus, with no end in sight, among many other problems.

Check out Trump Jr.’s comments below: