Ted Cruz Refuses Mask On Commercial Flight Creating Public Disturbance


Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz seems to be definitively among the members of the GOP who adamantly refuse to take the Coronavirus pandemic seriously. Over 137,000 Americans have died, and lately Texas has been at the forefront of the newest outbreaks of cases, but on a recent commercial flight, Cruz was caught on camera seemingly refusing to wear a face mask. Masks can help seriously curtail the spread of the disease, and in many states, they’ve been mandated. They’ve also been mandated on American Airlines, the airliner that Cruz was a passenger with. Yet, he seemingly didn’t wear one — he was photographed without one in the terminal and on the aircraft itself.

Check out a photograph below:

And check out another photo and some info about the particular airline’s policies below.

It’s worth noting — even Cruz’s own state, which is led by a conservative Republican governor, has mandated face masks in public spaces. One might expect that a mask mandate in their home state would lead a state’s Senators to take the Coronavirus threat seriously to the point of wearing a mask in their public travels. Yet, Cruz has apparently continued to ignore the seriousness of the situation.

He’s not alone. The state’s other Senator, John Cornyn, who is also a Republican, recently went somewhat viral on Twitter for all the wrong reasons when he mocked the basic idea that “listening to medical experts should not be political,” as Pete Buttigieg put it in the tweet to which Cornyn was replying. After Buttigieg insisted upon the importance of medical experts, Cornyn asked, “Which ones?”, as if medical experts’ advice that’s worth listening to is a matter of political opinion or choice.

As CNN’s S.E. Cupp put it in response:

‘The whole “hating on medical experts during a pandemic to own the libs” thing is turning the stupid dial up to 11. History will literally view this time as a mockumentary of unloveable idiots.’

They’re led, of course, by Donald Trump, who himself consistently refuses to take the pandemic seriously — although he did wear a mask in public recently for the first time, which he should have done months ago.