Donald Trump Jr.’s Dramatic Arrest For Public Intoxication Made Public


On February 25, 2001 — the Sunday before Mardi Gras — Donald Trump Jr., who was 23 years old at the time, was arrested for public intoxication in New Orleans. Funnily enough, Trump Jr. was apprehended on Hillary Street, according to arrest records — an interesting foreshadowing of the political fights that his family would get into some years down the line. Trump Jr.’s arrest record has only now been made public, although the arrest has been reported on previously. The arrest adds an interesting wrinkle to Trump Jr.’s dubious at-best claims that the media haven’t adequately looked into Joe Biden’s past, although they’ve been reporting on him for literal decades — although Donald Trump’s immediate family has never exactly shown a particular aptitude for self-awareness.

As journalist John Aravosis — who brought the arrest records to the public’s attention — put it:

‘It’s worth noting that just yesterday Donald Trump, Jr. was complaining that the media wasn’t sufficiently looking into Joe Biden’s “history.” Perhaps he’s not the best messenger on the perils of history. And history clearly has a sense of humor, as Donald Trump Jr. was arrested on “Hillary Street.”’

In the records, it’s worth noting that Trump Jr. seems to have given his address as New York City when he was arrested, although supposedly, he wasn’t actually living there at the time. When he was arrested, he was apparently living in Aspen, Colorado, according to Aravosis. Perhaps he wanted to try and use his family connections to get out of trouble? The Trump family business has, of course, spent decades operating out of New York City. Trump Jr. was booked at 9:33 a.m. on the day of his arrest, and records show that he was paroled early the following morning on a meager $300 bond. On July 25, 2001, the case against Trump Jr. was apparently dropped, for reasons that are not fully laid out in the records that Aravosis uncovered and shared.

Hilariously, just recently, Trump Jr. self-confidently retweeted a message reading:

‘HMMM: Joe Biden’s family has racked up arrest after arrest – but no jail time. It appears his family members have benefited greatly from their privilege and proximity to power…’

Does Trump Jr. have any self-awareness whatsoever? He himself has been arrested — and he escaped lengthy jail time for unknown reasons. Did his own family have to do with it? Funnily enough, Trump Jr.’s arrest records came out in the same week that the new book from Donald’s niece, Mary, did. She reveals a lot of family secrets in the memoir, which is subtitled “How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

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