Biden Rockets Past Trump By 15 Points In Latest National Poll


No wonder Donald Trump looks haggard. Even his own polls show him losing by a significant number. People are frustrated that his negligence over handling the coronavirus only worsens. Up to a quarter of a million Americans will die if POTUS continues down this path, and it looks as if he is just tooling along with no regard for Americans or our children.

World-renowned virologist Dr. Anthony Fauci said that if the president continues down this path 100,000 to 200,000 people will contract COVID-19 every day – every day — and every day up to 20,000 of them will die — including children.

This is a horrible disease. As experts continue to learn new information about the coronavirus, they find it does indeed kill children in a horrible way. Even individuals who have no symptoms can have life-long damage to their kidneys, their hearts, and to their lungs. Coronavirus creates blood clots throughout our bodies. People blame Trump, as they should.

It appears that in general voters have turned from supporting Trump, 45 percent, on the economy to Biden, 50 percent. In June, their numbers were 51 percent for Trump and 46 percent for Biden.

Biden leads Trump on job performance in handling racial inequality by 32 percent, coronavirus 24 percent, health care 23 percent, and dealing with a crisis by 19 percent.

When it comes to opening the schools, 61 percent disapprove of how Trump is trying to accomplish this. Only 29 percent approve. When the polls limited their focal point to parents of children under the age of 18, that number was 30 percent — well within the margin of error.

Sick people cannot work, and they cannot go to restaurants, bars, schools, or even church. As a result, the economy is tanking and Republicans are fighting to protect people or invest in the country.

The Quinnipiac poll indicated that 62 percent of the voters believe it is unsafe to return children in K-12 to school this fall. Only 31 percent thought it was safe. That was down from May’s 40 percent. The numbers for returning from college were similar.

The NBC/WSJ poll results indicated that 57 percent of American voters would choose a president, senator, representative focused on controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. Only 25 percent chose the focus of reopening businesses.

As a result, former Vice President Joe Biden has just moved his 10-point lead if a general presidential election was held today. A newly released Quinnipiac University national poll bumped Biden’s lead up to 15 whopping points.

That poll showed 52 percent of registered voters say they will vote for Biden. Trump only took 37 percent. That was a greater percentage than in the Quinnipiac’s June poll. Just one month ago Biden took 49 percent of the poll’s voters, and 41 percent would vote for Trump.

An NBC/WSJ poll just released Wednesday shows Biden with a growing percentage of voters, 51 percent. That compares to Trump’s 40 percent. That percentage difference is dramatically different when it compares with its June poll. That one is showing Biden taking 49 percent and Trump with 42 percent.

The hit the economy is taking due to Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic, notably by opening up too early while the country was still growing its virus rate. Naturally, voters blame the president.

It took a while for them to realize how great the president’s failures have been, but that all changed after his net positive job performance rating went from positive to negative, 44 percent of voters approving and 53 percent disapproving.

The NBC/WSJ poll shows a near reversal of numbers, 54 percent  still approve of Trump’s job performance, and 42 percent disapprove. However, after a white police office intentionally killed an innocent Black man, race relations altered many voter’s perceptions and opinions. Trump only rated 33 percent in how he is handling race relations in his job and 37 percent in handling the coronavirus.

His job performance shows a 36 percent approval rating and a 60 percent disapproval rating. In June, his numbers were 42 percent approving and 55 percent disapproving.

Things are not looking good in the swing states either. Wednesday, a Pennsylvania poll by Monmouth University, showed Biden leading with 53 percent of the registered voters, to Trump’s 40 percent.

The Quinnipiac University poll was conducted from July 9 through 13:

‘The random national sample of 1,273 registered voters has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.’

The NBC/WSJ poll was conducted from June 9 through 12:

‘[A]mong a random national sample of 900 registered voters. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.27 percentage points.’

Twitter world went wild when they saw that 15 point lead. Take a look at these responses below:

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