Kayleigh McEnany Says Dumb Things During Tuesday Press Conference


The Trump administration continues to put American lives at risk in service of their pathetic political spectacles. The Coronavirus has claimed the lives of over 144,000 Americans, according to one prominent tally, but what was White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany concerned about at a press conference this Tuesday? Television ratings! McEnany’s press conference came hours before the White House Coronavirus task force held its first press conference in awhile, and when asked whether or not the president was the “right person” to share information about the pandemic, McEnany replied by quickly pointing out the high television ratings of the president’s past press conference appearances, as if they automatically suggest some kind of effectiveness. They don’t. If everyone in the country was watching, that doesn’t negate the president’s bumbling incompetence.

A reporter asked:

‘Yesterday, the president said that when he was previously doing briefings, “we had a lot of people watching, record numbers watching in the history of cable television,” and I was wondering if ratings are factoring into his decision to restart the briefing, and if he is the best person to get accurate information about the virus out to the public, given previous statements at briefings like the speculation that disinfectants inside the body could work as a treatment… and claims that the virus will just disappear.’

McEnany replied:

‘The president is the right person to give information to the American people. He was elected by the American people. He’s been a leader on this. The fact that we’ve outproduced on ventilators so much so that we have an extraordinary number in our stockpile and we’re giving ventilators out to the rest of the world, that we lead the world in testing… the fact that he’s broken down bureaucracy to get a vaccine into phase three clinical trial… he’s the right person to give the information to the American people, and boy does he get the information to a lot of the American people during his briefings as noted by the ratings as he himself pointed out.’

144,000 Americans are dead, and McEnany seems most focused on trying to get as much dictatorship-style praise for Trump on the record as possible.

Check out video of her comments below:

McEnany also self-righteously pretended like she has any sort of standing whatsoever to speak authoritatively about what should be done to combat criminal violence around the country. She suggested that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio “seems to have not a hard criticizing police officers — but an awfully hard time controlling the streets of New York City” — but what’s her plan, exactly? She apparently wants the city to submit to federal forces invading their streets, or at least submit to the possibility. Her “plan” and that of the administration at-large consists of brazen authoritarianism.

American people are struggling — besides the health impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic, there have also been major economic impacts. Tens of millions of people have filed for unemployment benefits, and a temporary boost in those benefits instituted because of the crisis will soon expire. There could be, among other issues, a wave of evictions because people can’t pay their rent or mortgage payments. What’s the Trump White House doing? Just pointless political theatrics.