Multi-Million Dollar Secret Cash Funnel To Trump Uncovered & Announced By ‘Forbes’ Magazine


Donald Trump has a greed-trifecta when it comes to how he lives. The three-headed monster who rules the president of these United States has: winning, money, and power. All too often, these three heads get their necks all tangled.

No financial gain is too small for POTUS. He paid for his son’s Boy Scout registration fees out of the now-defunct Trump Family Foundation, a profitable nonprofit. Since the president was shut him down, no one in his family can ever own a nonprofit again. It probably comes as no surprise that the president sees the White House as one giant piggy bank, but how much has he taken out of it?

Certainly, the commander-in-chief has been too tight to contribute one thin dime to his reelection campaign. Instead, his donors, many on low fixed incomes, are picking up the ticket. He tossed expenses like food, lodging, and rent right onto the campaign budget. Like magic, the president transformed $2.2 million worth of campaign funds into $2.2 of income for himself.

That is not all. His campaign paid “Trump companies for legal consulting, IT expenses, airfare, even office supplies,” according to Forbes.

Two joint fundraising committees work with the Republicans to raise money for him: Trump Victory and the Trump Make America Great Again Committee. They have raised $2.3 million for the commander-in-chief, which Trump immediately directed to his private business. Of course, there is more.

The Republican National Committee spent $2.4 at the president’s properties. The grand total of Trump’s take was $6.9 million funneled into The Trump Organization. It is an umbrella organization of over 500 smaller businesses.

Let us look at POTUS’ Miami golf resort Trump National Doral. Back in 2017, the resort was doing poorly, with its revenues plummeting from $88 million to $75 million. That resulted in profits moving from $12.4 million to a mere $4.3 million. However, the RNC injected $603,000 into the property way up from $3,000 the year before, 2017.

As a result, Doral profited $9.7 million in 2018.  The RNC infused $510,000 in January of 2019. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the president right in his resort business. The RNC total came to $1.4 million, since POTUS took office.

Trump’s reelection campaign spent $38,000 each month for renting an office inside of the Trump Tower, where the president had his home and his business offices. Since then, the Trumps have moved to Mar-a-Lago in Florida but still maintain their penthouse in New York City. The campaign remained there and contributed $1.5 million over three years to the commander-in-chief’s business.

In addition, the RNC handed over $225,000 to Trump Tower Commercial LLC, which owns the skyscraper. His campaign rented other spaces at different Trump holdings in New York City — a tidy sum of $187,000.

Trump International Hotel is just down the street from the White House in the old DC post office building. It turns out the hotel has proven to be just too convenient for meetings. His campaign, the RNC, and joint fundraising committees spent a minimum of $900,000. That does not count the money foreign governments pump into it as they try to garner favor with this president. These monies are a blatant violation of the Constitution’s Emolument’s Clause.

POTUS has a Las Vegas, Nevada property, in addition. About $16,000 from the campaign found its way into the Trump hotel there. The Federal Election Commission filings indicate that $1.7 million went into his New York properties. The grand total came to $2.6 for Trump hotels, exclusive of the president’s Miami golf resort. Trump spends about one-third of his time away from DC golfing.

The Trump Victory fundraising committee shelled out $345,000 for Mar-a-Lago, all since the commander-in-chief took office. The RNC also handed over $290,000 to the resort.

The president’s Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey is one of his favorite spots to golf. The Trump campaign spent $12,000, and the Trump Victory organization chipped in $75,000. In addition, the campaign added another $500 for the Trump National Club in Westchester County, New York.

None of those large amounts includes the nation’s expense for his and his family’s grown children’s Secret Service detail. The price tag on golf carts alone for his security is astonishing. By May of 2020, their golf cart rentals alone were $765,000, not to mention all of their food and lodging, according to The Golf News Net.

Twitter world heated up with this latest Trump corruption news. Take a look at what Americans said below:

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