Trump Jr. Caught Selling New Book In Bulk To RNC


When it comes to the Trumps, the adult children are the apples that don’t fall far the tree. Just like his father, Eric Trump has stolen from charity (in his case, a children’s cancer charity). Just like her father, Ivanka Trump has used her position in the White House to make money and grow her business. And just like his father, Donald Trump, Jr. is not above cheating the numbers to make himself look good.

Junior’s second book, Liberal Privilege, is all about how Democrats get away with everything and Republicans are held accountable for everything even though the Supreme Court has a majority in the Supreme Court, the GOP dominates the Senate, and there’s a pretend Republican in charge of the White House. Somehow, those evil liberals subvert all of that and unfairly punish Republicans by…not liking them.

According to POLITICO:

‘The RNC is buying copies of the first son’s forthcoming “Liberal Privilege,” which it will offer to donors who contribute at least $75. The committee orchestrated a similar fundraising campaign last year around Trump’s previous book, “Triggered” — a move that led to accusations that the RNC was boosting sales to land him in the coveted top slot of The New York Times bestseller list.’

The RNC funded the book’s writing and will profit from sales of the book, so the plan revealed by reporters is that the RNC will buy up bulk copies to give to donors in order to put Junior’s book on the bestseller lists. It’s a strategy repeated from his first book, Triggered.

In a statement by Trump, Jr., he said:

‘While I was offered a generous book deal by my previous publishers, I turned it down and decided to self-publish. The RNC was able to raise almost a million dollars from their fundraising campaign with my first book, ‘Triggered.’ I look forward to helping them fundraise once again for the benefit of the Republican Party.’

Part of what liberals get away with, according to Junior, is being allowed to profit off their positions as a child of a powerful politician. There’s no small irony there, especially when the man writing the book is the son of a U.S. president and no one would know his name if his father weren’t in the White House, a man who is financially capitalizing on his father’s presidency, is leveling “accusations that Hunter Biden financially capitalized on his father’s vice presidency.”

Featured image screenshot via YouTube