Biden Catapults Past Trump New Reuters/Ipsos Poll With 8 Point Surge


America’s middle class has basically disappeared while the working class has been shoved into two to four minimum wage jobs. The United States’ economy works off of a foundation of consumer buying. It does not take a genius: no jobs, no economy. So where did all their income go? The fine air where the very, very wealthy mega-billionaires live sucked up a lot of it. There is a basic reason for the discrepancy between the rich and the not-rich.

Democrats tend to empathize with people, which is not to say they do not have their own flaws. They are more likely to offer an individual a hand up or a few dollars to help. They understand that the circumstances a person is born into often bakes in an individual’s economic future. Dems also understand that circumstances beyond a person’s control affect his or her earning capacity.

Reuters/Ipsos just released its latest poll and Biden is leading Trump among undecided registered voters by a full eight points. People know that Joe Biden can appreciate their situation, because he has been in some pretty rough situations himself. Biden is not a wealthy man. Conversely, Trump was a millionaire by the time he was eight years old, according to The New York Times.  He promised voters was that he was going to bring back the economic security of the post World War II days. People gave Trump 104 days shy of the November election to make good on his promise. It never happpened.

Republicans like Trump put their feet on the neck of the middle- and working-class individuals, then attack these same people for not jumping up and getting to it. In other words, they blame people for being poor or just barely being able to meet their bills. They justify their actions by calling them lazy, just not looking hard enough for a job, or unwilling to work hard enough to get by.

That translates into blaming people for not having enough money. In the top one-percenters’ worlds, money is a measure of worth. If a person has wealth, it is because he or she is worthy. That is pretty rich, since they create the very environment that holds the people down. They do not like to regulate industry and continue to work to defeat unions, all of which hurt the Americans. They want to squeeze every dollar out of their businesses so that the shareholders earn more. This is why companies have sent their manufacturing plants to the lowest international bidder and pay such scrooge-like wages state-side.

A full 46 percent of registered voters said their vote is definitely going to Biden in the upcoming presidential election. Then, 38 percent would definitely vote for Trump. The remaining 16 percent were undecided, voting for a third-party individual, or not voting.

Both leading candidates have spent a good deal of their time trying to reach this 16 percent of voters. Sixteen percent is great enough to throw the election either way.

Back during the 2016 presidential race, the Reuters/Ipsos polls showed that vote between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Trump evenly divided. Then in November, POTUS took most of the voters who decided during the last week.

In 2020, 61 percent of undecided or third-party registered voters said that if they were forced to choose between the former VP and the current president, they would support Biden. There was 39 percent for Trump.

Among third-party or undecided registered voters, a whopping 70 percent disapprove of how Trump is doing in office. In addition, 70 percent of them believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Voters’ top concern is the coronavirus pandemic. A full 141,000 of  Americans had died at the time of the poll, and millions were chucked out of work when their businesses closed in an attempt to slow down COVID-19.

Around 80 percent were “personally concerned” about the coronavirus pandemic. When the polls asked the interviewees what was the “most important factor driving their decision to vote, 34 percent said they wanted a president with “a robust plan to help the nation recover.”

Then, 24 percent wanted a president who can “restore trust in the American government.” A full 12 percent want someone who is “strong on healthcare.” The voters consistently chose Biden as the best candidate when they considered all three of the above options.

Trump tried to hide his head in the sand over the virus. He went around the country bald-faced and arrogant until someone must have given him a reality check that he actually heard. During his last press conference on the pandemic, he was nearly all on point. He supported wearing a mask and even complimented a member of the press. His performance was a complete reversal

The latest Reuters/Ipsos Polls was conducted between July 15 and July 21 online. The poll encompassed the entire country and was only offered in English. There were 4,430 adults who were queried, and they broke into two columns: 3,744 registered voters and 595 registered voters who would not support either candidate. The margin of error was at two percentage points overall, which is exceptionally good. That margin of error rose significantly among third-party or undecided voters. to five percentage points.

Twitter world was thrilled with an opportunity to speak their minds about Trump. Check out what they had to say below:

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