Mary Trump Reveals Election-Altering Secrets During New Interview


President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump — who is a licensed clinical psychologist — revealed a slew of family secrets in her newly available book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. In a new interview with a Mother Jones reporter, Mary went into some detail about the nature of the president’s delusions, explaining that she believes that he’s spent so long wrapped up in his lies that he almost if not entirely believes them. These lies have serious consequences for the lives of millions of Americans — when he, as president, ignores the serious realities of the Coronavirus pandemic, people suffer.

As Mother Jones‘s David Corn put it, Mary says that “Fred Trump was a “straight-up sociopath” who psychologically destroyed his oldest son and her father, Freddy, who wanted to be a commercial pilot rather than take over the family real estate business, and Donald Trump was permanently warped by witnessing this abuse and by other dysfunction within the family.” Fred was the father of Donald and Fred Jr., otherwise known as Freddy.

Mary memorably commented:

‘My grandfather had no redeeming characteristics…and [Donald Trump] no longer does.’

In the interview, she made clear that she did not want to absolve Donald of the responsibility for his actions. She says that she wanted to explain, in a basic, factual way, some of the path that led Donald to the point of his present belligerence. At plenty of points along the way, the eventual president could have reined himself in and decided to pay more attention to things like, you know, basic human decency — but he did no such thing.

Mary explained:

‘The more stress he’s under, the more besieged he feels, the more likely it is that the distance between the telling the lie and believing it is the truth is decreasing. We’re getting to the point it’s instantaneous… This was not in any way intended to let him off the hook. He’s a responsible — he’s responsible for his actions. He’s an adult human being who knows the difference between right and wrong. He just doesn’t think it applies to him. But he knows the difference.’

The Trump family tried to block Mary’s book from coming out with a court case, but they failed. You can watch her full Mother Jones interview below: