Trump Conniptions Over Cognitive Test During New Fox Interview


At this point in the presidential campaigns, the best thing Donald Trump could possibly do is just stop talking. Most particularly, he should stop sitting for interviews at all. In yet another Fox News interview on Wednesday, Trump continued to beat the drum on his mental acuity and proved once again that he has none.

Trump told interviewer Marc Siegel in an interview on Fox News that he took a cognitive test at Walter Reed Medical Center in November to prove to voters and the “fake news media” that he is “sharp” and fit to be president. For some reason, however, he would not admit at the time that a cognitive test was included in the visit, saying only that it was a routine annual physical (which does not include a cognitive test), discounting his reasoning because nothing is “proven” to the public when you don’t tell anyone.

After a disastrous interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, which aired on Sunday, Trump took much criticism for his rambling answers, his insistence that a basic cognitive test to rule out dementia was “hard,” his utter resistance to fact-checks, and his dismissive attitude toward the coronavirus response that has left more than 140,000 Americans dead.

Trump’s approval numbers are at their lowest and, for context, is on track to be the same as George H.W. Bush’s and Jimmy Carter’s when they ran for their second terms. As a reminder, both lost. No matter how bad these interviews are, Trump insists they’re “great.” However, they’re really not doing him any favors.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube