Trump Calls Live Fox News Show & Has Deranged Mental Episode


With no chance left to hold rallies or conventions and get his endless lies about his “accomplishments,” his insane lies about his opponents, and his fear-mongering about protesters, who seem to have replaced undocumented immigrants during this election go-round, and his suggestions for drinking disinfectant to kill the coronavirus out to the people, Trump has been appearing in Fox News interviews that don’t do him any favors. On Thursday night, with his new “more presidential” tone, according to Fox News, Trump bashed the governor of North Carolina, the mayor of Portland, and Black Lives Matter protesters.

Trump once again bragged about a mental acuity test he took in November to prove that he didn’t have dementia that he says he only took to silence his critics in the Democratic Party and the media who questioned his fitness as president, but then he didn’t tell anyone that he took it, so it’s not clear how that was supposed to work.

Trump bragged that he’s “very sharp” and that he has to be to insult and extort other countries. He calls it “dealing” with them, but his foreign policy has so far included openly asking other countries to help his campaign.

Trump also promised more federal agents in more cities despite the mayors of those cities and the governors of those states saying they do not want them there and will do what needs to be done to block them from terrorizing protesters. So much for that whole Republican idea about “state’s rights.”

After a press conference in which Trump said he cancelled the Republican National Convention because it’s his job to protect American lives, Trump attacked North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, who said today that he never told Trump that he could only have 10 attendees at the convention despite Trump’s claims that he did. The president also made fun of Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler, who attempted to have a conversation with protesters but was hit with tear gas. The actual president of the United States was excited about that.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube