Devin Nunes Makes A Fool Of Himself During ‘Fox News Sunday’ Disaster


Hundreds of Americans are dying each and every day due to the Coronavirus, and millions more are struggling through crises like the rampant unemployment that has unfolded across the country. This Sunday morning, what did California’s Republican Congressman Devin Nunes seem concerned about? Robert Mueller! During an appearance on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday morning Fox show, Nunes went on a tirade against Mueller, and he included a bizarre claim that Democrats are “against white people” — like, presumably, Mueller. Nunes seems to be suggesting that the Democratic activism against racism constitutes some kind of anti-white animosity, which is just entirely disconnected from reality.

Before his comments, Bartiromo said — with the apparent backing of material that had recently been released thanks to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) — that the FBI apparently knew that an infamous Trump dossier produced by Christopher Steele was not credible. She did not mention that the Steele dossier was apparently not the initial basis for the launch of the Russia investigation. She did, however, ask Nunes “where [Mueller was] in all of this,” and the Congressman replied:

‘I think the question is, does Mueller know where Mueller is? This was somebody who was put up as an avatar to give credibility to this investigation that was phony from the beginning. Okay, so I’m not talking about just in 2016; I’m talking about the day that Mueller walks in the door. I’m not sure he knows what the hell is going on.’

A specific point of contention that Bartiromo and Nunes mentioned was that Mueller seemed unfamiliar with the firm Fusion GPS, which backed the Steele/Trump dossier. It’s a bizarre — at best — conspiracy theory to suggest that his apparent unfamiliarity suggests that he was just some kind of figurehead for the Russia investigation.

Nunes continued:

‘Look, the Democratic Party, it’s very odd for a party that seems to be against white people and always talking about racism, they sure like to prop up these avatar old white dudes. They have one running for president right now who’s hiding in his basement who won’t answer questions. What was his involvement? Their presidential candidate was the one who went after and concocted this idea to use the Logan Act to investigate the Trump campaign and the incoming president.’

Watch Nunes’s comments below:

The Democratic Party is not “against white people” — Nunes’s suggestion to that effect is laughably ridiculous — and Joe Biden is not “hiding in his basement.” He, like other political candidates, can’t hold in-person rallies because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Nunes, for his part, is not exactly a credible source. He’s the guy who sued the person behind a fake cow persona because the cow persona was critical of him on the internet. Specifically, Nunes filed a defamation suit after a Twitter account going by “Devin Nunes’ Cow” began to circulate criticism of the Congressman. Twitter was recently removed as a defendant in that case, because a judge ruled that they had no liability for the cow account, although Nunes had claimed otherwise in his initial lawsuit.