Jim Jordan Goes Full ‘Douche Bag’ During Tuesday House Testimony


At the Tuesday hearing in which Attorney General Bill Barr is expected to answer questions about his perversion of the Department of Justice on behalf of President Donald Trump, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) did what he usually does and twisted a conspiracy narrative around the entire hearing.

Jordan began by saying that the entire hearing, which is intended to address the use of force against peaceful protesters by federal agents, was all about the Russia investigation that ended two years ago. Because Barr answered questions at the time about Trump’s use of the word “spying,” which Barr agreed had happened, Jordan insisted that the Democrats were determined to go after him. Not one thing about that investigation is part of this hearing, but that’s never stopped Jordan from bringing it up over and over.

The second point Jordan made in his opening statement included a very long video of scenes he said showed how violent the protesters really are, cherry picking scenes of fire and smoke – at least some of which was part of the tear gas used against protesters – and poor, defenseless statues of slaveowners being pulled down. The video went on and on, prompting Rep. Nadler (D-NY), the committee’s ranking member of the Democratic Party, to say that Jordan can never again complain about the length of an opening statement.

Jordan’s fallback defense on every issue in front of the House Judiciary Committee, or in any hearing in which he takes part, is to deflect and spin wild narratives. Regardless, Barr’s decisions deserve to be accounted for, and Jordan cannot stop that from happening.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube