Trump Calls Mom Protestors ‘Terrorists’ During Unhinged Thursday Meltdown


On Thursday, Donald Trump held yet another of his press conferences on COVID-19 that are little more than makeshift campaign rallies since Trump is unable to hold them and unable, in recent days, of filling the seats. He even took questions, something he does not always do, but he took no questions at all on COVID-19. Instead, he got his way with his tweet earlier in the day about postponing the elections and that was enough to avoid the subject when reporters began asking about the tweet instead of the issues.

Trump revisited his fearmongering around the protests happening across the country and even around the world, some of which have included attacks on federal buildings and Confederate statues. When referring to protesters, which have so far included a wall of mothers, a wall of veterans, and individual veterans who attempted to have a conversation with federal agents and were beaten and tear-gassed for their efforts, as a “beehive of terrorists.”

Trump also continued his rant on mail-in voting, which he somehow thinks is different from absentee voting (it isn’t), a practice he’s used himself in past elections. Despite mountains of evidence that mail-in ballots do not lead to voter fraud or election tampering in any significant numbers, Trump is determined to set up a reason now to contest the election if he loses.

In the few moments of his opening statements at the press conference on COVID-19, Trump only mentioned boasts about his administration’s “fantastic” response, a response that has so far left 150,000 Americans dead, and insisted we’re doing much better than other countries on addressing the virus. As usual, that’s not true.

For Trump’s entire press conference, see video below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube