Trump Caught Sneaking To Golf Course As America Burns (VIDEO)


The United States is continuing to grapple with serious crises like the Coronavirus pandemic. What’s President Donald Trump doing this weekend? Golfing! On Saturday morning just before 10 a.m., he arrived at his own company’s golf course in Sterling, Virginia, which is just outside of D.C. (He’s also been spending some time at his company’s Bedminster, New Jersey course recently.) According to CNN’s Jim Sciutto, Trump has now spent some time at one of his golf courses on a staggering 283 days of his presidency. No wonder so little has been done for hardworking Americans who are struggling across the country.

As Sciutto reported:

‘President Donald Trump has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, at 9:59 a.m., per pool. This visit marks Trump’s 376th day at a Trump property and 283rd day at a golf club.’

Every one of the president’s golf trips costs huge sums of taxpayer money, which goes to cover travel expenses for the president, his entourage, and the like. On Friday, the $600 a week add-on to unemployment benefits that was instituted towards the start of the Coronavirus pandemic expired, leaving many Americans facing potential major income reductions after already struggling to hang onto employment amidst the pandemic crisis. Negotiations over a potential new Coronavirus-connected economic relief package have been ongoing, but no consensus has yet emerged — but the president apparently thinks he has plenty of time to go golfing!

One of the many amazingly unhinged elements of Trump’s latest golf trip is the fact that, during a recent talk with Fox’s Chris Wallace, Trump claimed he’d be signing a “full and complete health care plan” within two weeks. On Sunday, it will have been two weeks since Trump’s interview with Wallace aired — and there is absolutely zero sign of any kind of pending health care plan. In other words, Trump has yet again proven himself to have a whole lot of bluster — and a whole lot of time to go golfing! — but very, very little in terms of actual substance. He’s trying to lie and bluster his way through the presidency, leaving Americans’ lives at risk in the meantime.