Trump Campaign Suffers Widespread Humiliation During ‘Fox News Sunday’


The Trump campaign is apparently trying to win re-election for Donald Trump via wishing him into a second term, or something. During an appearance on Fox News Sunday this weekend, top Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller adamantly refused to take seriously the fact that in the majority of crucial polling on the national level and in swing states around the country, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads Trump by significant margins. Separately, Miller also struggled to directly answer a question from Wallace of whether or not the Trump campaign would accept foreign assistance in their struggle against Biden — Wallace asked the question three times, but Miller nervously called the question “silly” and tried to bury his sort-of-answer with dubious allegations about Democrats.

Asked if he can “state flatly that neither the Trump administration nor the Trump campaign has received any information from foreign groups [or] foreign nationals about either Joe Biden or his family” and if he could “state flatly” that the Trump campaign would not accept such information if it was offered, Miller struggled to piece together a response.

He ranted:

‘Chris, that’s a silly question. I mean, the folks who have actually taken foreign assistance were the Clinton campaign four years ago. I mean, that entire shady dossier they put together was from a British spy. No, we’re going to go and beat Joe Biden fair and square here, absolutely, but I think you should have asked the same question to two of his prospective running mates… because just as we saw, four years ago, it was the Democrats who took foreign assistance.’

Wallace ended up repeating the question twice more. Watch below (it’s just after a few minutes in):

Miller’s allegation of foreign assistance for the Democrats seems to hinge on a dossier that was assembled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, who in turn used sources including Russian nationals to compile his information, which was meant as opposition research against Trump.

To suggest that the information in that dossier is not only on par but worse than the orchestrated Russian government meddling in favor of the Trump campaign is extremely dubious, at best. Miller’s implication that the Trump campaign did not accept foreign assistance during the 2016 election cycle is entirely disconnected from reality — they welcomed the help of the Russians, even though they didn’t successfully actively coordinate in the Russians’ meddling.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Miller also claimed that the Trump campaign is actually doing pretty great, which is laughable. Currently, the Cook Political Report estimates that a full 308 electoral votes are at least leaning Democratic, and Biden leads nationally by an average of 7.4 percent as of this weekend, according to RealClearPolitics.

Miller claimed:

‘President Trump — the trajectory lines are going very well, I feel the campaign is in a good place. I think in particular, we look battleground by battleground state, we’re doing much better than the public polling, which always tends to lag behind what our private polling is showing us. We think he’s in a good position right now.’

If the internal polls are so great, why doesn’t the Trump campaign release them? There’s little to no reason to take Miller seriously at this point. Watch some below: