SDNY Obtains Trump Tax Document Showing Insurance & Tax Fraud


In the Southern District of New York, Trump may get far more than he bargained for as president as he’s being investigated for felony crimes such as tax fraud and bank fraud. Currently, Trump’s former attorney and “fixer” is serving out a three-year sentence on home arrest for committing the same crimes as Trump, many of them at the direction of the president.

A newly released tax return of Trump’s financials show that he massively undervalued his properties at tax time, but inflated them when applying for loans. That way, he avoided paying his fair share of taxes and got loans based on false premises. Both of these are real and very serious charges.

According to ProPublica:

”Trump told the lender that he took in twice as much rent from one building as he reported to tax authorities during the same year, 2017. He also gave conflicting occupancy figures for one of his signature skyscrapers, located at 40 Wall Street.’

Before anyone begins thinking that this is normally how businessmen handle tax and bank forms, real estate attorneys say that it isn’t and that “multiple in consistencies” can be found in those documents.

‘A dozen real estate professionals told ProPublica they saw no clear explanation for multiple inconsistencies in the documents. The discrepancies are “versions of fraud,” said Nancy Wallace, a professor of finance and real estate at the Haas School of Business at the University of California-Berkeley. “This kind of stuff is not OK.’

As long as Trump is president, it will be very hard for prosecutors to bring criminal charges against him. Should he lose in November, this is what he’ll face when out of office. Considering that SDNY’s Cyrus Vance was granted the right to subpoena those documents by the Supreme Court, the proof will be made available, and Trump could be seriously held accountable for the first time.

‘The punishments for lying to tax officials, or to lenders, can be significant, ranging from fines to criminal fraud charges. Two former Trump associates, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, are serving prison time for offenses that include falsifying tax and bank records, some of them related to real estate.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube