Trump Has Embarrassing Hair Malfunction Caught On Video


President Donald Trump is obsessed with his public image, so he’s probably not going to like these latest developments. At a Monday White House press conference that he did, some observers noted that Trump seemed to be sporting quite a sizable bald area on his head, which a comb-over that he may have used in the past now failed to cover. In any remotely normal, functioning presidential administration, there might be some kind of acknowledgement of the issue from the president and their team. Instead, the U.S. is stuck with the forever-paranoid Trump, who takes even the slightest bit of scrutiny as some kind of grand conspiracy against him.

Journalist John Aravosis is among those who pointed out the president’s apparent balding. Alongside an image of what he was talking about, he noted on Twitter:

‘His comb-over no longer hides the bald spot. (Calling it a bald spot is unfair, it looks like half his head is bald.)’

Another observer, who saved an image of a different vantage point of the president’s hair, tagged The Lincoln Project, that group of anti-Trump Republicans who have been producing a steady stream of ads hammering the president and his political allies for their abject failures while in office. George Conway — whose wife, Kellyanne, is one of Trump’s long-running advisers — is one of the people behind The Lincoln Project.

At his Monday press conference, Trump complained about — among other things — a new revelation of a criminal investigation into his family business, which is being carried out by Manhattan-area authorities. In response to a claim from Trump’s own legal team that a subpoena from those authorities was overly broad, they revealed that they were actually looking into a pattern of potential criminal misconduct at the Trump Organization. Thus, their subpoena — which demands Trump’s financial records — was quite in line with normal investigative procedure. That story was quickly swamped by the Monday night release of an unhinged interview that Trump did with Axios’s Jonathan Swan. During that interview, Trump — among other things — complained that the late Georgia Democratic Congressman John Lewis hadn’t attended his inauguration, insisted that you “can’t” look at Coronavirus deaths as a proportion of the overall population, and more.