Donald Trump Has Disastrous New White House Interview


Donald Trump sat for an interview with Breitbart to discuss the most critical issue facing Americans, because of course he did. Trump has friends at Breitbart who helped him get elected in 2016. Of course, the “news” outlet that once ran a story titled “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy” is exactly who Trump would go to when 160,000 people are dead, unemployment rates are in the double digits, and civil unrest has reached fever pitch.

Trump, as he has done repeatedly over the past several weeks, insisted that Democrats only cared about getting funding for mail-in voting as they negotiated a new stimulus package in order to “rig” elections. Of course, the CARES Act that was passed by the House in March and never taken up by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also included funding for housing, testing, unemployment benefits, and aid to all 50 states, but facts don’t matter that much to Trump.

In the interview with Breitbart, Trump said:

‘They wanted money so that the election would end up being rigged. It would be a rigged election. This would be a rigged election. This is going to be one of the great messes of all time if they’re allowed to do it, if the courts don’t stop it. So we’ll see what happens.’

Trump also called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “obstructionists” even though the Democratic Party passed legislation months ago to help Americans while Republicans ignored that bill. Funding for states was included in the bill so that state governments could provide additional aid more tailored to their constituents’ needs, but Trump would have voters think that aid was only meant for specific states. It wasn’t. Aid to states that voted for Trump will now be left in the dark since Trump and his Republican cronies are refusing to allow those funds.

‘Because Nancy Pelosi and Cryin’ Chuck are absolutely obstructionists. All they wanted to do was to get money to bail out Democratic cities and states that have been run poorly. They want bailout money. The bailout money is about a trillion dollars and it’s unacceptable. That’s about 90 percent of what they wanted.’

The interviewer from Breitbart asked Trump if Democrats were willing to “hurt” Americans in order to fulfill their political agenda, because that’s totally something an impartial interviewer would ask, and Trump answered that he supposes they would. His solution is to cut payroll taxes, a move that would help employers, particularly employers at large corporations, save millions of dollars.

‘Number one, the payroll tax cut is great. It’s a double—it’s employer and employee. We already got one covered and now the other one is covered. So the payroll tax cut is a very big thing. Getting the money to the people is a very big thing, so we’re at 400 and the reason you can’t go higher than that is because they’ll need more money. We have a certain amount of money. So we’re giving as much as possible. But the reason we can’t go higher is because we would need additional funds. You understand?’


Featured image screenshot via YouTube