Trump Gives Delusional COVID-19 Press Conference Like A Broken Man


On Wednesday, two public press conferences were held by two different politicians. On one side, Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) officially announced their plans for the country if elected. On the other, Donald Trump gave a press conference that was supposed to be about the pandemic that went out of control under the leadership of the Trump administration

The contrast was similar to watching a Martin Scorsese film followed by a 5th grade school play.

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While Biden and Harris acknowledged the impact that COVID-19 has had on Americans and laid out their plans to address it, Trump told Americans that the country is in a “v-shaped recovery” and that the U.S. is doing better than Europe at containing the virus. None of that is true.


Biden and Harris stressed the importance of voting in 2020 and preserving democracy in the upcoming elections. Trump, on the other hand, said that mail-in ballots cause massive voter fraud and will be used to cheat him out of a win in 2020. None of that is true.

He also insisted that Democratic leaders like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tried to stop Americans from getting unemployment benefits and eviction protections under the CARES Act, and didn’t want to do an income tax cut because “they thought it was too much money, I guess.” In fact, Pelosi and Schumer recognized that a payroll tax cut is not a sufficient measure in helping the American people, particularly not the more than 10 percent of Americans who are currently unemployed. Who it helps the most is big corporations with hundreds or thousands or even millions of employees.

Further, Democrats passed a relief bill in March, which has sat ignored on Mitch McConnell’s desk ever since. In other words, the things that Trump said in his press conference about economic relief for Americans, none of that is true.

For the full press conference, see video below:

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