Trump Rage-Rants About NY Times Female Reporter Like A Monster


Amidst major national crises like the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump is concerned with… ranting against New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman on national television. In other words, he has apparently no grasp of the seriousness of his position in the White House, and he continues to leave struggling Americans out in the cold while he spends his time going on nonsensical, frenzied rants against his political opponents. He ranted against Haberman during a Tuesday night appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. People like Hannity are brazen enablers of Trump’s threatening egomania, which drives Trump to respond to a Coronavirus death toll of hundreds of Americans a day with the dismissive remark that “it is what it is.” (Trump made that remark in a recent interview with Jonathan Swan, of Axios.)

Trump told Hannity:

‘They got it wrong, and they got Pulitzer Prizes. The Pulitzer Prize is worthless as far as I’m concerned, because, when you have the Maggie Habermans getting a Pulitzer Prize and she got it all wrong. I haven’t spoken to her in forever — she’s like my biographer, like she knows everything about me. She knows nothing about me. And they talk about — they have sources, they don’t have sources, they’re made up, they make them up in their mind, they have no sources, I know when there are sources.’

Listen below:

There is zero evidence for Trump’s claim that mainstream media outlets make up sources. Zero evidence — not maybe a little bit of evidence somewhere: no, there is nothing. Trump’s self-obsession has essentially driven a complete disconnection from reality on his part. While crises like the looming potential of a “pandemic” of homelessness threaten America, Trump is going on lie-riddled, self-obsessed rants on Fox News and complaining about the way that he’s getting treated in the media.

Staggeringly, it’s worth noting, Trump seems more concerned with keeping people out of housing than he is with protecting people from losing their homes. Recently, Trump signed an executive order insisting that federal agencies should “consider” steps to curtail evictions — and that’s it. Meanwhile, just this Wednesday morning, Trump proudly tweeted about his plan to keep low income housing from “invading” the suburbs. Could the racial overtones be any more brazen? Low income housing residents are ordinarily members of marginalized communities, like black Americans.