Melania Embarrasses Donald Again With Blatant Public Rejection


On Sunday, as the First Family arrived at the D.C.-area Joint Base Andrews after a trip to the Trump-branded golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, First Lady Melania Trump was caught on camera repeatedly seeming to rebuff the president’s attempt at holding her hand. The nature of the interaction is pretty clear — as Melania and Donald walked down the steps out of Air Force One, the president reached out for the First Lady’s hand, and she seemed to ignore him. It’s one of a growing list of incidents in which the president and First Lady have seemed less than cordial towards each other in public.

Check out video of the Sunday interaction below:

During one of the perhaps more infamous and high-profile examples, the First Lady appeared to push the president’s hand away after he reached towards her shortly after the two of them arrived in Israel on a state visit in 2017. On the flip side, Donald has been strangely cold towards Melania at times. In a tweet that he posted this April on the occasion of her birthday, he identified her as “our great First Lady” — and that’s it. Besides the implicit reference to their relationship in his identification of her as the First Lady, he made no mention of their marriage, no mention of the time they’d spent together, and he didn’t really even personalize his sentiments — the oddly aloof tweet could have come from just about anyone, really.

Melania hasn’t really made much of a policy splash while in the White House. Awhile back, she announced an anti-bullying program called “Be Best,” but that has never really gone anywhere. More recently, she announced plans to renovate the Rose Garden at the White House — amidst a nationwide pandemic and economic crisis, while many Americans have something other than redecorating on their minds.