Mitt Romney Wallops Trump Again Over Failed Presidency


While there have been no shortage of Republican lawmakers willing to sign on to every lie that drops from Donald Trump’s lips, and there have been many of them, Mitt Romney has never been afraid to call him out on them. Of course, he does it in the most non-confrontational and bland way imaginable, and can’t really be considered much of a hero considering that voters in his district in Utah are not huge Trump supporters, but at least he makes the minimum effort.

On Monday, Romney sat for a virtual interview with The Sutherland Institute, where he discussed the Trump administration’s response to COVID-19. It’s fairly obvious to anyone with sense that 170,000 American deaths are nothing that a president can brag about, but Romney stated that obvious fact in the most non-committal way possible.

According to The Washington Post, Romney said:

‘Short term, I think it’s fair to say we really have not distinguished ourselves in a positive way by how we responded to the crisis when it was upon us. And the proof of the pudding of that is simply that we have 5 percent of the world’s population but 25 percent of the world’s deaths due to covid-19…And there’s no way to spin that in a positive light.’

Just ahead of the Republican National Convention, this marks a grand total of two Republicans speaking out against Trump this close to Election Day. The other is former Ohio  governor John Kasich, who plans to speak at the Democratic National Convention against the leader of his own party on Monday night. Romney isn’t going quite that far, but he did call Trump out for his failures in leadership.

‘In his Friday interview, Romney said the administration did not “ring all the alarm bells” early on in the pandemic. He faulted officials for failing to put the federal government in charge of distributing personal protective equipment, manufacturing essential supplies and setting guidelines for businesses.’

Romney said what every American already knew: that the failure in leadership began at the outset of the pandemic’s spread. Considering that the United States continues to have more than 1,000 deaths per day from the virus, it adds up to a massive failure on Trump’s part.

‘From the outset, there was a tendency on the part of the administration to dismiss covid-19 as a threat, not to consider how serious it could become. The health impact of covid-19 on our country and our response to it was really very, very disappointing.’

For video of Romney’s statements, see below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube