Trump Freaks Out & Claims Democrats Let Dogs Vote


President Donald Trump has no idea what he’s doing in office, it seems. During a Monday morning interview on Fox & Friends, during one of the latest of his many tirades against mail-in voting, he claimed that even some dogs are getting ballots mailed to them. There is no evidence for this bizarre claim. How would election authorities even get the dogs’ names and addresses in the first place? Does Trump think that election authorities are dumping boxes of ballots in the mail that are addressed to “Fido”? More acutely — how on earth does he expect anyone outside of his core base of supporters to take him seriously at this point? He sounds ridiculous.

Co-host Steve Doocy asked Trump about his treatment of the Postal Service, and the president replied:

‘I’m just making it good. We have a very very good business guy running it, and I want to make — I jokingly say, but it’s true, I want to make the Post Office great again, okay?.. This isn’t a Trump thing. This has been one of the disasters of the world, the way it’s been run — it’s been run horribly, and we’re going to make it good.’

That “business guy” who Trump references is a man named Louis DeJoy, who was appointed to serve as Postmaster General by the Postal Service’s Board of Governors earlier this year and in the time since has implemented policy changes that have slowed down the mail. He has, for instance, cancelled overtime opportunities for huge swathes of the workforce, which curtails the Postal Service’s ability to efficiently handle large volumes of mail. DeJoy is a political ally of the president, and he’s made these changes amidst Trump’s long-winded tirades against mail-in voting.

On Fox this Monday, after getting asked about worries that he might not accept the election results if he loses, Trump added:

‘The first thing I think of is crooked Hillary Clinton… The problem is she didn’t accept it, she went crazy. She’s still going crazy. I mean, she’s gone nuts… I go by the election. Now with that being said, I have to tell you that if you go with this universal mail-in where you send millions of votes — in California, tens of millions of ballots being sent to everybody and their dogs. Dogs are getting them, OK? People that have been dead for 25 years are getting them. You have to see what’s happening! Then, you’re never going to have a fair election, I say this: you’ve never going to have a fair election.’

Listen to his comments below:

Again — there’s no evidence that ballots have been mailed to any dogs, and it’s ridiculous that the president himself is so ridiculous that the clarification needs to be made.

Furthermore, as to the other issues, they’re easily answerable — for instance, if a ballot is mailed out in the name of a voter who is deceased, well, first of all, there’s zero guarantee that someone might try and fill it out anyway. Secondly, there are numerous levels of security and verification that could help identify and address the issue.