New ‘Tell All’ Book Announced To Reveal Trump’s ‘Rank Criminality’


Former longtime Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen has a book coming out soon documenting his perspective on President Donald Trump’s behavior, based on years of Cohen’s work for the eventual commander-in-chief. Cohen has completely “flipped” against the president, and the book is slated to reveal “rank criminality,” according to former White House official Anthony Scaramucci, who has also turned against the president following his stint working for him. (Trump isn’t all that popular among his former staffers, it seems.)

Cohen’s revelations about Trump’s behavior have already helped drive investigations in Congress. In theory, evidence revealed in conjunction with the release of his new book could help drive further investigations, and Trump won’t be in the White House forever, meaning whatever flimsy protection from criminal prosecution that he might have while president may soon run out.

During an MSNBC appearance over the weekend, Scaramucci said, discussing the contents of Cohen’s book:

‘It’s not for me to reveal it, but it is rank criminality. Steep, steep illegality and amorality, and it’s backed up by documentary evidence. So it’s not like Michael is going to say this and the White House is going to discredit him because he had the problem in the court system and he went to prison. He is going to back it up with documentary evidence to show the level of illegality, the repetitiveness of the illegality, and I tweeted out earlier this morning that the betrayal to the country is astonishing. So that information originally, unfortunately, he’s done a very good job of over the last three and a half years of capping that information. We are getting to his re-election and the referendum there and all of this information is going to come out in a waterfall and Michael’s book will be a very big cornerstone of that.’

Check out his comments below:

In 2018, Cohen was sentenced to a three-year prison term for crimes including his part in the illegal hush money scheme targeting women with whom the eventual president had affairs. He was recently released to serve the rest of his term in home confinement, but there was a scuffle in which authorities took him back into custody after he objected to a condition of the home confinement agreement that would have barred him from talking to the press, including through his planned book. Judge Alvin Hellerstein eventually ruled in Cohen’s favor, determining that his re-confinement had been “retaliatory,” since he’d been open about his book-writing plans.

Trump is actually currently facing a criminal investigation that is connected, in part, to work that he had Cohen do for him. The office of Manhattan-area District Attorney Cy Vance is investigating the Trump Organization for possible crimes including their falsification of records surrounding the hush money scheme. The falsified records were meant to obscure the fact that Cohen was getting reimbursed for paying one of the women.

Vance has subpoenaed the president’s personal financial records as part of his investigation, but Trump has been fighting that subpoena every step of the way.