‘The Lincoln Project’ Announces ‘GOP Women Against Trump’ Movement


Donald Trump’s base adores him with the same fervor as some experiencing a religious conversion. Yet more and more Republican women have become dissatisfied with a Trump cult that has no place for modern women. Now, they have a place to turn.

Monday, one such woman wrote in The USA Today Newspaper about her experience. Opinion contributor Ashley Pratte said:

‘Four and a half years ago I considered myself a Republican, but then Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for president. Once his nomination was secured and it was clear the GOP would welcome his rhetoric with open arms, the party as I knew it was long gone.’

This year, Pratte watched the Democratic National Convention (DNC) without an overlay of the Republican party to see through for the first time. She was surprised to find that only Trump’s party contained the hateful, fear-mongering:

‘[I] found myself agreeing with the issues, speakers and most of all the positive rhetoric. The Democrats spoke of love and family, showing just how personal this election is for so many. Despite the doom and gloom that surrounds us, somehow the DNC was able to showcase the best of America and convey that the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket is fighting to not only restore America but to make her more equal and just for all.’

The writer voted for Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and then-Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) in 2008, but McCain could not be further from Donald Trump:

‘ If you had told me that eight years later I would leave the Republican Party and that 12 years later I would be voting for Biden and Harris, I would have thought you were crazy. But in every life, there comes a time for important decisions and principled stands. Disowning the GOP and being one of the first to condemn Trump and his rhetoric is one of the proudest moments of my life.’


The former and relapsed Republican group committed to ejection Donald Trump, The Lincoln Project, has just opened their welcome for Republican women, according to The Forbes magazine.

The Lincoln Project has expanded to include called Lincoln Women. It kicked off just days before the Republican National Committee would nominate Trump for a second term.

Co-founder of The Lincoln Project and previous chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party Jennifer Horn said:

‘We know that women will play a critical role in defeating Donald Trump in this election.’

Horn, who is spearheading the expansion effort, said the women who were brought on board all have one distinguishing feature. The Lincoln Project works, according to The Forbes magazine:

‘Through a very effective digital and television ad operation, the founders, all past and present influential Republicans, are working to convince fellow Republicans, conservatives, and right-leaning independents to vote for the Democratic Party in this year’s election, ranging from former Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to key House and Senate races. They believe Trump is a threat to American democracy.’

The diverse group showed their power:

‘[Lincoln Women will build a] coalition of current and former Republican women committed to making sure that Donald Trump is a one-term President. The leadership team includes a diverse group of women who plan to use their voices and political clout to communicate with female voters across the country.’

Republican House Leader in Hawaii Beth Fukumoto said:

‘They said they would keep me as a leader if I promised not to speak against [Trump] anymore, at which point, I knew it was time for me to leave. I said in my resignation letter that I didn’t think there was any space for me anymore in the Republican Party, and I didn’t have any hope that it was going to change.’

Fukumoto saw The Lincoln Project as a good alternative:

‘That The Lincoln Project has stood up and is taking action, both against Trump and what the Republican Party has become, I think is huge. They endorsed Joe Biden! The fact that they are willing to help Democrats across the aisle provides hope for politics.’

Shee added:

‘The Republican Party left me a long time ago. I didn’t leave them.’

Former legislative director in the House and chief of staff with former Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME), Jane Calderwood said going Democratic made sense:

‘Democrats and Republicans worked together to pass groundbreaking legislation, and it wasn’t so much about your party but about whether you had a good idea.’

Pratte pointed out where women stood in the world of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, according to The New York Times:

‘[W]omen are photo ops and political props as they are continuously degraded and objectified and white privilege is glorified. In the America of Biden and Harris, women will have real seats at the table, and they will include women of color. Our country must value different voices and the perspective they bring, and the Biden-Harris ticket will do just that. What’s more, it will bring decorum and professionalism to the Oval Office — something that has been missing since Trump arrived. It’s high time to rid the White House of sexist and racist rot.’

Twitter world was excited about women converting to the Democratic side. Check out what some of our favorites said:

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