Trump Jr. Embarrasses Himself Multiple Times During RNC Speech Failure


For some reason, Donald Trump’s oldest son was a keynote speaker on the first night of the Republican National Convention. He doesn’t seem to have done much since his father was elected other than promote his father, himself, and his family’s business, all of which he does around a busy schedule of Twitter trolling, but somehow he’s the best the Republican Party could come up with on their opening night.

Trump’s oldest son spent his time criticizing Democrats as radicals, Communists, dictators, and lawlessness. He then laughably insisted that “our party is open to everyone” just moments after talking about all the people in the United States who are disdained by their party, the “radical Left” that seems to include the entire Democratic Party.


Junior didn’t miss his chance to tell voters that protesters are coming to destroy their cities and burn down their businesses, decrying the movement toward black equality by saying that “every American must be free to live without the fear of violence.” Not only does he not seem to understand that that’s exactly what the movement known as Black Lives Matter is about, his speech followed a couple’s who waved guns at peaceful protesters.

It wouldn’t be a Trump Jr. speech without the racist rhetoric, and he pulled both “Beijing Biden” and fear mongering around Biden’s plan to “bring in more immigrants” out of his hat. He sneered about Obama and Biden’s slow economic growth while the unemployment rate stands at its highest since the Great Depression. The son of a billionaire who appointed other billionaires to high-powered positions with no experience said that “Joe Biden is the Loch Ness Monster of the swamp” who rears his head every few years to run for president but doesn’t do much more.

Junior must have missed the 40-plus years Biden spent in the Senate and the eight years he served as Vice President.

For video of the entire Republican National Convention, see below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube