Trump Storms Off Stage At RNC After 3-Question Press Conference


It was supposed to be a speech in which the incumbent president of the United States accepted his party’s nomination for president for his second term. However, that incumbent president is Donald Trump, so it of course turned into an embarrassing spectacle.

Trump began the speech/press conference by insulting reporters, saying that he hoped “you enjoyed your convention last week.” Just as he did in 2016, Trump drummed up his rabid fan base’s hatred of the media, or at least the reporters who just will not follow the script Trump has for them, and continued his non-stop whining about not being treated fairly in the press.


He went through his requisite fear mongering over mail-in voting, saying that ballots may not be mailed to Republican voters or that people may just convince others to give them their ballots and sign for whatever name “they” selected for them.

‘You get the ballot and then they have “harvesting,” they get guys that go “hey, you wanna vote? No, not really. But have a ballot. Who’s it for? Sleepy Joe Biden. Now put it here, sir. Okay, let me have it.’

He also pushed the idea that Democrats want “no God and no guns” in the United States, ignoring the fact that he’s running against a Catholic gun owner whose faith was at the center of descriptions of him at the Democratic National Convention. Never once has Joe Biden pushed any idea about taking away God or guns, but Trump has chosen a theme and stuck with it.

The press conference ended when CNN reporter Jim Acosta asked FDA Commissioner Dr. Hahn, whose organization Trump tweeted was part of the “deep state” just last week, if he was under pressure to say that Trump’s latest miracle treatment, blood plasma, is effective in treating COVID-19. Without answering, Trump and Hahn left the stage.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter