Trump’s Hometown Paper Humiliates Him To Start GOP Convention


With a lineup of speakers that is actually laughable, the Republican National Convention got underway on Monday, and the New York Daily News called it exactly what it is: a clown show, with Donald Trump as the carnival barker.

Some of the RNC’s most notable guests in conventions past have included statesmen and leaders that included presidents, governors, senators, and military heroes. Under Donald Trump, the 2020 convention includes the kid who smirked in the face of a military veteran and Native American protester, the dude who invented a pillow, and the couple who pointed guns at protesters walking down their street.

It’s a clown show that should be embarrassing to the Republican Party, but with a party leader like Trump, shame no longer exists.

Donald Trump is set to appear on each night of the convention, giving his speech from the White House grounds to accept his nomination for president in 2020 on Thursday night. On Monday, during a brief press conference, Trump said he would refrain from calling Hillary Clinton “the sc- word,” and no one knows what that means, and accused President Obama of criminally spying on his campaign.

The convention will also include Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). There is no word yet on whether Jordan plans to scream at anyone or if Gaetz will be wearing his gas mask.

Night one of the convention will conclude with a keynote speech by Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr. Most of the key speakers at the convention are, in fact, named Trump. What any of them have done for the country other than try to bait people in tweets and in “best-selling” books is up for interpretation, but they are apparently some of the only people left willing to associate with Donald Trump.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube