Trump’s Mail-In-Vote Sabotage Attempt Struck Down By Hero Judge


Donald Trump promised to run the 244-year-old great experiment America as he ran his business. On this rare occasion. he kept that promise. Little did most Americans know, he ran his businesses into bankruptcy five times and cheated small contractors in fake lawsuits. They went out of business. Now is the time for the country to decide whether to offer Trump his opportunity to finish the job.

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit to prevent the state of Pennsylvania from “collecting mail-in ballots at drop boxes.” It indicated that drop boxes enabled fraud, but without any evidence. On Sunday, a federal judge put a hold on that lawsuit, according to The Business Insider.

The Trump campaign had claimed the drop boxes would enable voter fraud, but failed to present any evidence to support its argument. The Washington Post reported that there is indeed voter fraud — a whopping 0.0025 percent. Trump brought in the man behind the voter fraud conspiracy theory, Kris Kobach, to prove it to no avail. Kobach packed his suitcase and quietly left Washington, D.C. Now, he is one of the president’s friends involved in a recent mail scam.

US District Judge Nicholas Ranjan said he put a halt to the lawsuit to allow the Pennsylvania courts to determine whether the drop boxes are legal. According to a new poll, most of the voters in Pennsylvania who intend to vote by mail plan on voting for Joe Biden.

Pennsylvania is a swing state that POTUS won by fewer than 45,000 in 2016.

US District Judge Nicholas Ranjan was actually appointed by the 45th president. Trump’s 2020 presidential reelection campaign was not able to provide evidence that drop boxes would indeed allow voter fraud. The campaign also claimed that such drop boxes had not received state authorization.

By June, 1.9 million voters in Pennsylvania asked for a mail-in ballot. In 2016, that number was just 107,000. During the last election, 70 percent of the ballots went to registered Democrats.

According to The Business Insider:

‘A recent poll by Emerson College showed former Vice President Joe Biden with a significant lead in Pennsylvania, attracting the support of 52% of voters compared to 43% for Trump. The poll also found that, of the 37% of voters who plan to vote by mail, 87% intend to vote for Biden.’

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