Eric Trump Embarrasses His Family During RNC Speech Debacle


In light of new revelations about the investigation of the Trump Organization, an investigation for which Trump’s middle son, Eric, is wanted for questioning, he spoke at the Republican National Convention. Meanwhile, his brother, who is also connected to current investigations in his father’s home state of New York, spoke on “the swamp” during the RNC on Monday night. It’s an irony for the ages.

The third-oldest Trump child continued the ruse that the family who grew up in gold apartments are “fighting for the forgotten man,” more in touch with working Americans than the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, who grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania to a working-class family. After having been handed a high-paying job by his father and cheating charities out of their money, Eric Trump really wants you to know that he and his father understand your struggles.

Trump’s son also praised his father for things that never happened, such as all the wars he’s ended and peace in the Middle East. Not one war has been ended under Trump’s watch. Not one active duty soldier has been sent home because of a war that ended. As for peace in the Middle East, it’s unlikely that anyone living in war-torn Palestine or Syria would agree that Trump checked that accomplishment off his bucket list, either.

More ironically, Eric thanked his father for making America strong again, safe again, and proud again. Meanwhile, 175,000 people are dead from a virus Trump could have prevented, more Americans are out of work today than at any time since the Great Depression, and Americans are not allowed to travel to other countries. Trump has done nothing to make us stronger, safer, or proud. Instead, he’s made us divided, sick, and a laughingstock.

For video of night two of the Republican National Convention, see below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube