Multi-Million Dollar Cash Diversion From Trump Campaign Uncovered


Donald Trump has a whole bag of grifter tools. He sues small businesses out of business so he does not have to pay them. He paid his son’s Boy Scout fees from his now-defunct charity, which was shut down for cheating. He illegally cut off a 92-year-old woman’s water, so his latest scam against the American people should not be too shocking.

Now, that POTUS appears to believe he is leaving office, he has been shoveling donor money into his business, according to the last Federal Election Commission (FEC) report. Thus far, he has packed away $2.3 million. Of course, he also wrote off the hush money he paid an adult film star as a business expense.

Our great leader moved $1.5 million out of his campaign contributions since taking office. Plus, the Republican National Committee (RNC) linked up with the campaign to pay “Trump Tower Commercial LLC an additional $225,000.”

He charged his campaign $117,000 to pay for a basement kiosk he owns in Trump Tower. It sells campaign memorabilia and pays $3,000 a month rent on his donors’ dime.

Then, there are the hotel bills totaling $226,000 since he took office. The Trump Organization released this statement:

‘The campaign complies with all campaign finance laws and FEC regulations. The campaign pays fair market value under negotiated rental agreements and other service agreements in compliance with the law. The campaign works closely with campaign counsel to ensure strict compliance in this regard.’

In addition to the funds billed from the president’s business to the Republican National Committee (RNC), let us not forget the millions charged by Trump’s reported in The Forbes magazine. It listed $4.7 million of payments for a grand total of $6.9 million and counting.

Want to know what happened in the 92-year-old woman story? The BBC journalist decided he needed to write a documentary to expose Trump. Naturally, the president tried to suppress it and the free speech within it.

POTUS could not keep a film out of production, though. After four years of lawsuits, You’ve Been Trumped Too is available to all Americans, according to The Film Stories. Donald Trump could not quash the free speech people take for granted, but he tried. The threats chilled “distributors, publicists, and media organizations.”

The former BBC journalist said:

‘[I] can’t be brushed off. But it has also meant becoming caught up in the president’s Twitter storms, fending off legal threats at every turn, and being the subject of a violent arrest by a police force which bent to Donald Trump’s tune.’

It happened when Simon Brew was covering Trump’s new Scottish golf course. The president said he was honoring his Scottish mother by building:

‘”[T]he greatest golf course anywhere in the world.” He claimed he would spend $1.5 billion and create 6,000 jobs: “It will be great!”’

Of course, that did not materialize. A mile away from the press conference, Brew found 92-year-old Molly Forbes who told him “Trump’s cut us off” [her water].

Then the police showed up and arrested him, confiscating his camera and film for:

‘[B]reaching the peace. [The National Union of Journalists said in] one of the first cases in this country of journalists being arrested for just carrying out interviews to establish the truth and hold people to account.’

Brew continued:

‘The early reviews were encouraging. The Irish Times called You’ve Been Trumped Too “the most important film of the year.” Indiewire said it’s “a ticking time bomb!”’

A distributor went incommunicado canceling “national cinema screenings.” Insurers raised liability insurance fees well into the bankruptcy sphere. Brew persevered. The documentary is now available, and the trailer is here.

Twitter world ate up this new information about Trump. Take a look at some of our favorites below:

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