Latest 2020 ‘Toss Up’ State Polls Confirm Decisive Multi-State Sweep


A new set of swing state polling has Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leading in six states. The polling came from CNBC/ Change Research, and the states where Biden is leading include Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and North Carolina. President Donald Trump won each and every one of those states in 2016, and if Biden was able to carry them in 2020, it would likely spell the end of Trump’s time as president. The margins of Biden’s leads in the states vary — in the new Change Research data, he leads by 6 percent in Michigan, 5 percent in Wisconsin, 3 percent in Florida and Pennsylvania, 2 percent in Arizona, and 1 percent in North Carolina.

As of Wednesday morning, Biden leads in national-level polls by an average of 8.8 percent, according to RealClearPolitics. In five out of six of the states with results in the new Change Research data, Biden also leads, on average — in the sixth one, North Carolina, Biden and Trump are actually tied in polling averages, as of Wednesday. Each of them have an average of 46.5 percent of the support. Elsewhere, Biden has some substantial in-state leads — in Michigan, for instance, his lead was at 7 percent as of Wednesday morning. The new Change Research data was factored into the averages.

Trump has consistently refused to acknowledge his political struggles. Recently, he tweeted:

‘Actually, I think I’m leading in the Polls! @FoxNews @OANN’

Does he think he can just wish a polling lead into existence? Does he think that the polls reported on by major outlets with duly documented sources are just “fake news”? His rhetoric is nonsense — the fact of the matter is that he’s losing. Furthermore, he’s losing amidst the catastrophic failures of his presidency, which are looming over the process. According to FiveThirtyEight, an average of a meager 38.7 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus as of Wednesday morning.

Trump’s paranoia about a potential loss has seemingly been driving some recent conspiracy theories about the electoral process on his part. He’s claimed, for instance, that widespread usage of mail-in ballots will open the door for widespread fraud, which is, quite simply, a baseless claim.