New ‘Tell All’ Book By Trump Family Friend Will Devastate Melania & Kids


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) may be the most powerful woman in American, but there is a close second-place winner. She was an international model in Paris, Milan, and New York and speaks five languages, some say. Her father was active in the local atheist-espousing Communist Party, and she is a Catholic. This woman whose voice is reminiscent of Natasha, half of the 1959 Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon series spy team.

Of course, our mystery woman is First Lady Melania Knavs Trump. Her power comes from her relationship with Donald Trump, but some recently revealed information about her could bring his presidential career to a crash landing.

In the crush of so many tell-all books about this administration, Melania’s secrets are soon to be revealed in a forthcoming tell-all book by the first lady’s former friend and aide.

The book is advertised to contain tapes about her complaints against her eldest step-daughter Ivanka Trump and even her husband. There is a possibility that Melania could undermine her husband’s reelection, according to The Guardian:

‘If Melania is caught on tape dissing Ivanka and her posse as “snakes” trying to best her in a series of turf wars, as reported, that’s a Lifetime movie. But if she’s heard complaining about the Access Hollywood tape, which she publicly forgave Trump for, or his many affairs — his one-night stand with Stormy Daniels and his alleged 10-month affair with Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal in 2006, both just after Melania gave birth — or about any of the dozens of other women who have charged her husband with sexual assault, it won’t just move swing voters away from the president. It will cut into his base.’

The Daily Beast writer Marget Carlson suggested that the ever-important Evangelical vote could have tanked Trump’s campaign, if Melania refused to forgive him or if more affairs surfaced:

‘The dam can break quickly on sexual scandals, as it did this week when evangelical leader Jerry Fallwell, Jr. was forced out as president of Liberty University after revelations about his unusual and un-Christian sex life. If suddenly it’s not all right with Melania, all the tax cuts and judges in all the world won’t be enough to justify Christians voting for him.’

Melania & Me, by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, will be out on September 1, but The Guardian obtained an advance copy. It follows on the heels of the president’s niece’s tell-all book.

Wolkoff indicated that she would disclose private conversations with the first lady. One answered the question of why Melania remained behind in New York as her husband moved into the White House. Did she renegotiate her nuptial? If there were plans to leave him, had they been interrupted by his White House win? Carlson pondered:

‘Watching Melania, you don’t want to blame her. She didn’t ask for any of this. But like her husband, she hasn’t risen to the occasion. It’s hard to forget her trip to the border to visit immigrant children her husband had caged wearing a designer jacket reading “I Really Don’t Care, Do U.” It wasn’t enigmatic, but an outright rejection of what’s asked of first ladies, which is to care.’

The Guardian indicated that the competition between the first lady and First Daughter Ivanka Trump was fierce.

POTUS’ deputy campaign chief Rick Gates was apparently responsible for the plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s speech Melania gave at the 2016 Republican National Committee (RNC). An aide took the fall but the book indicated:

‘If Ivanka controlled Rick [Gates,] and Rick had allegedly written Melania’s convention speech, did that mean Ivanka was behind that major faux pas/sabotage?’

The author claimed that Ivanka lied to the FBI during the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Gates ended up in jail for 45 days.

New York events planner Wolkoff met Melania in 2003, and the two frequently met.

‘[They shared] lunches at Manhattan hot spots, black-tie parties, and giggle sessions in the penthouse at Trump Tower.’

After she helped plan the Trump inauguration, Wolkoff decided to work for the first lady as an unpaid staffer. Her responsibilities included “hiring staff, organizing events, writing speeches and creating policy initiatives.”

That was when the news came out that Trump raised $107 million or twice what President Barack Obama brought in for 2009. Wolkoff took $26 million of that and $1.62 million profit.

There was an investigation and Melania refused to defend her friend, who considered that as a “betrayal” that “nearly destroyed Wolkoff”.

The news came out about the president’s extramarital relationships and the infamous risque asides with an Access Hollywood host in the final runup to the 2016 presidential election. The first lady took solace in her son Barron, and she said:

‘I know who I married.’

During the president’s inauguration, there was a dust-up over the seating. Wolkoff and Melania ran “Operation Block Ivanka:”

‘Ivanka’s fingerprints were all over it. [Melania sent] a tirade of texts asking who approved Ivanka Trump – a White House staffer – to use the screening room, which was part of the residence, aka Melania’s domain.’

At one point, Melania said:

“This is my home [MELANIA TOLD HER]. Do they come walking into my apartment in New York whenever they want? No!’

Twitter world went wild over the new book. Check out some of our favorites below:

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