Mitch McConnell Exposes His Evil During RNC Speech Failure


With a campaign of his own to worry about, a campaign that may not be successful after more than 30 years of the same senator in an impoverished state, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the self-described “grim reaper” of policies that help the American people, spoke on behalf of Trump on Thursday night.

McConnell had the absolute gall to say that “I consider it my responsibility to look out for middle America.” Meanwhile, Americans are still waiting for an economic stimulus bill to pass during the worst economic crash since the Great Depression. Also, the state Mitch McConnell serves ranks 45th in education, 42nd in median income, and 50th in health outcomes. Which middle Americans is he standing up for?

He continued the same fearmongering rhetoric that Republicans have repeated throughout the week: be scared of Democrats because they want to control your life, make you not work and send you unemployment checks, regulate how many hamburgers you can eat, pack the SCOTUS with liberals, and “make the swamp itself America’s 51st state.” Meanwhile, his state ranks 46th in poverty levels while McConnell is a multi-millionaire.

He also made an odd comment about the “people you don’t see in the news, “whose struggles are just as real,” without clarifying who the people in the news who struggle are. Considering the current news about protests over police brutality in the black community, it wasn’t difficult to imagine who he was talking about.

For video of the full fourth night of the Republican National Convention, see below:

Featured image via YouTube