Rudy Giuliani Snaps At RNC & Has Mouth Foaming Meltdown


Fresh off his attempts to convince foreign countries to help Trump win in 2020, Rudy Giuliani took his opportunity to speak for Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night, railing about law and order while serving a criminal president and betraying his country.

Giulian touted his record as mayor of New York City, saying how safe it was in the 90s under his watch. Under his rule, stop and frisk policies targeted black New Yorkers. In the 90s over 2,000 murders happened every year. So far this year, there have been 259 murders in New York City. As dark a picture as Giuliani tried to paint, the city is now safer than it was when he was mayor.

He called Joe Biden an “obviously defective candidate,” who is really just a Trojan horse for socialism, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and Black Lives Matter. He fear mongered around Black Lives Matter and Antifa, ignoring the fact that not one of them so far have been arrested for vandalism or violence. He decried the “people beat, shot and killed, badly beaten and occasionally murdered,” and the “slaughter of innocent people with their whole lives in front of them.” If he had been listening, he would know that he’s describing the purpose of Black Lives Matter entirely.

He also warned white people that a vote for Biden is a vote to bring lawlessness and violence “to your city, to your town, to your suburb.” It’s a ploy for white suburban votes that Trump has been pushing: multi-family homes for poor people built in the suburbs, housing that will surely include black Americans, will destroy neighborhoods where only white people should live.

For full video of the final night of the Republican National Convention, see below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube