Eric Trump’s Sunday Interview Turns Into Embarrassing PR Nightmare


This past Tuesday, on night two of the 2020 Republican National Convention, President Donald Trump’s son Eric had a speech broadcast. Subsequently, Eric appeared on the latest edition of the right-wing talk show America This Week with host Eric Bolling, where he made some brazenly ridiculous claims about the supposed contrast between the Republican convention and the Democratic convention, which took place the previous week. Eric claimed, in short, that Democrats didn’t even have a particularly cohesive policy vision to present for the American people, but it’s the Republican Party that didn’t even bother to write up a new policy platform this year!

In a recent resolution, the GOP insisted that the party “has and will continue to enthusiastically support the president’s America-first agenda.” In other words, as a New York Times reporter put it, ‘while the G.O.P. platform of 1856 called for abolishing “those twin relics of barbarism — polygamy and slavery” and building a transcontinental railroad, the party’s official stance in 2020 is that it is for whatever Mr. Trump says.’ Eric seemed to miss that.

He said, referring to the Democrats:

‘They didn’t have a policy and they don’t have policy. They don’t know what they stand for… Our message loves America, loves law enforcement, loves red white and blue, is unapologetic for the greatness of this great country… There are so many different factions of the [Democratic] party. You have the socialist faction of the party and then you have another faction of the party, and then you have a little bit more centrist faction of the party and they’re all kind of at war.’

Watch his comments in the video below:

Again — it’s the Republican Party that didn’t even produce a new policy platform for 2020. Instead, the party decided to leave the platform from 2016 in place, despite the longstanding tradition of updating the platform every four years. That 2016 platform includes terrible “greatest hits” like support for so-called conversion therapy, which is a hack “treatment” meant to “cure” its subjects of LGBTQ aspects of their identity. The Trump campaign has announced a list of so-called “core priorities,” but it’s at times quite vague — for instance, it includes a goal to “Partner with Other Nations to Clean Up our Planet’s Oceans,” but it doesn’t include a plan to actually do that.

Supposedly, Eric added, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden “does not know the slightest thing about the American worker or the American business.” Donald Trump sure is familiar with American businesses — he’s been wreaking havoc for them for decades. Besides the long stream of lawsuits that he became embroiled in as a private businessman following repeated refusals to abide by terms of contracts and pay what he owed, as president, Trump has repeatedly left American businesses out in the cold. Just recently, he even called for a boycott of the Goodyear tire company after a report out of one single store revealed that employees had been asked to not wear Trump campaign hats while on the job.

Trump and his political allies, including Eric, seem potentially desperate because of their struggling poll numbers. Biden leads by an average of 6.9 percent in national-level polls as of Sunday morning, according to RealClearPolitics. FiveThirtyEight has Biden’s lead at 8.8 percent.